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Maybe you can relate to this situation… You are getting ready to meet some friends at a bar when they cancel. You are frustrated, but no problem. You have Netflix and a bottle of wine. You settle in for the night, and before you realize, it’s time to open another bottle. Not a problem, you think. It’s been a long week. Everyone needs a way to relax, you tell yourself. Right? Yes. Or possibly no. With alcohol, it is hard to know when is enough and when is too much. The lines between healthy use, harmful use, and alcoholism can feel fuzzy.

Therapists have helped many people clarify those lines and gain more control of when, why, and how much they use alcohol. Objective professionals can equip people with accurate information and empower them with new skills to make healthy choices about their alcohol consumption.

Therapy through Thriveworks Johnson City, TN gives people an objective perspective on their drinking habits. With a counselor’s skill and care, many clients have overcome alcohol abuse and alcoholism.

The Physical and Social Effects of Alcoholism

Alcohol use disorder, more commonly known as alcoholism, is a disease that results in a brain imbalance. The chemical in the brain that produces pleasure when people drink alcohol escalates as the chemical that controls impulsiveness declines. This disequilibration results in losing control of alcohol consumption.

Alcoholism has devastating physical and social effects.

Alcohol use disorder, by itself, is a concerning health problem, but sustained alcohol in the bloodstream can cause additional challenges. Alcoholism may increase a person’s risk of other illnesses or health concerns, including…

  • Birth defects
  • Diabetes complications
  • Stroke
  • Blindness
  • Liver disease
  • Osteoporosis
  • High blood pressure
  • Gastritis
  • Atrial Fibrillation

In addition to wrecking a person’s body, alcoholism can wreck a person’s relationships. Alcoholism can affect a person’s family, friends, community and professional relationships.

As people lose control of their alcohol use, they often become emotionally unstable, losing control of other behaviors as well. Both when they are using alcohol and when they are not, relational tensions can rise. Alcoholics may become violent or engage in other harmful, inappropriate behavior.

Even without violent or inappropriate behavior, a person’s work performance can decline when alcoholism sets in. Alcoholics often miss work or are unable to work at the same level of efficiency, leading to reduced or missed wages and further stress.

Friends and family may find themselves in increasingly difficult places. Of course, they want to help their loved one, but knowing how to help without enabling the alcoholism is tricky. Furthermore, they may need to take action to protect themselves or their children, if children are in the home.

Alcoholism Treatment

Many therapists take a multifaceted approach to treating alcoholism. In general, treatment begins with a detox period that rids the body of alcohol in its bloodstream. Then, treatment may consist of various methods for sustaining sobriety. These methods may include…

1. Counseling – focuses upon treating the cause of alcoholism. Therapists may also equip clients with healthy coping mechanisms to handle life’s stress in a healthy way.

2. Support Groups – offer empathy and accountability from fellow alcoholics who are in recovery or who are currently fighting for sobriety. Group therapy and/or support groups have long been safe places to heal and grow.

3. Medication – may be helpful in achieving and continuing in sobriety. A doctor or appropriately licensed therapist can supervise medicinal treatment.

Setting Up an Appointment for Alcoholism Therapy

Think about how and when you drink as you read through these behaviors:

  • Trying to curb drinking or quit alcohol without succeeding
  • Drinking more to experience the same good feelings
  • Lying about or hiding alcohol use
  • Drinking alone
  • Craving alcohol
  • Experiencing annoyance or anger when sober
  • Sweating, shaking, or vomiting when going without a drink or trying to quit

Did you recognize any of these behaviors within your own life? If so, it may be time to ask a professional for support.

Thriveworks Johnson City, TN therapists know what it takes to treat alcoholism and support their clients on their healing journey. We believe in client-centered care and are ready to help.

When you call our office, a person will answer and help you schedule an appointment. Many clients are able to have their first appointment the day after they call. We offer night and weekend appointments, and we work with many insurance companies.

You do not have to live with the devastating social and health challenges that alcoholism can cause. There is hope, and there is help. Call to schedule your appointment for alcoholism therapy.

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