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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Jacksonville, FL (West)—Therapists and Counselors

Danny feels like the world is against him this week. It all started when he stopped to get gas, only to realize he left his wallet at home. “Of course, this always happens to me.” Because he had to turn around to retrieve his wallet, he was late to work and was criticized for it. “This isn’t fair. None of this is my fault!” Danny takes this negative string of events home with him. His wife asks if he remembered to grab the mail on his way in, and he lashes out at her in response. “The last thing I need right now is you pestering me,” he says.

This is a perfect example of how our thoughts rule our feelings and our feelings rule our lives. Danny pitied himself and adapted a negative attitude as a result of his rough morning. He carried this attitude around with him for the rest of the day and even lashed out at loved ones as a result.

“Everyone in a complex system has a slightly different interpretation. The more interpretations we gather, the easier it becomes to gain a sense of the whole.” –Margaret J. Wheatley

Cognitive behavioral therapy helps people conquer their cognitive distortions and adopt a positive attitude instead of a negative one. This is a difficult, yet important goal to achieve. Fortunately, with a cognitive behavioral therapist at Thriveworks Jacksonville, FL, you can do it. Our therapists, counselors, and psychologists will use techniques in cognitive behavioral therapy to help you find a happier, healthier being. To schedule your first appointment, reach out at (904) 567-7203. We’ll be here.

How Can Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Help Me?

Think back for a moment to the example above. If Danny had assumed a positive attitude instead of a negative attitude and negative thoughts, how would that have changed how his day unfolded? To be more specific, what if Dale engaged in a different way of thinking the second he realized he forgot his wallet? Instead of pitying himself and asserting that bad things always happen to him he could have laughed it off: “Well, bad luck strikes again! But it’s okay.” This undoubtedly would have improved the rest of his day moving forward.

We get it: It’s easier to turn to the bad rather than look for the good. But we also know that rewiring your brain to find the positive will prove beneficial to your life in its entirety. And fortunately for you, there are cognitive behavioral therapists at Thriveworks Jacksonville, FL who can help you achieve this rewiring! In doing so, you’ll be better prepared to…

  • Defeat illnesses like anxiety and depression
  • Grieve a loss properly
  • Work through addiction
  • Overcome feelings of loneliness
  • Resolve (and prevent) relationship issues
  • Find greater career success
  • Grow personally

Cognitive behavioral therapy equips people with essential tools for working through the challenges they encounter in life. It also empower them to better enjoy each moment. If this is something you want in on, reach out to Thriveworks Jacksonville today.

Work with a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist at Thriveworks Jacksonville, FL

The client-therapist relationship is an important part of finding success in cognitive behavioral therapy. You must trust your therapist and be ready to do the work. The counselors and therapists at Thriveworks Jacksonville, FL continue to offer a nonjudgmental space to their clients and they hope that you will trust them to walk alongside you.

If your negative thinking patterns are bringing you stress or pain (like Danny in the example above), consider scheduling a cognitive behavioral therapy appointment. Here at Thriveworks Jacksonville, FL (West), we have therapists and counselors who specialize in cognitive behavioral therapy. They’ve seen what this important approach to counseling can do for people and they want to help you find the same success.

We have both in-person and online counseling appointments available. If you’d prefer to work with a therapist from the comfort, convenience, and security of home, we are happy to accommodate that request. Just call (904) 567-7203. Our scheduling team is here to walk you through the quick, easy scheduling process. And our counselors are excited to begin working with you!

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