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Do you ever feel unhappy or unexcited in your relationship? Maybe you and your significant other have been struggling to make time for each other; or maybe you’ve been spending what feels like too much time together and you can’t stop bickering. Whatever it might be, your relationship issues might cause you to doubt the very strength of your relationship and doubt your future together—which can add to the already existing strain.

“The goal in marriage is not to think alike, but to think together.” –Robert C. Dodds

It’s difficult to accept and hard to remember, but relationships aren’t easy. Even though we love and care for our loved ones, at times we dislike them, we are disappointed by them, and we get frustrated with them. This is normal. And often, working through your disappointment, your frustrations, and your pain ultimately strengthens your relationship. That said, sometimes working through the issues in our relationships isn’t an easy task. That’s where a couples therapist can help.

Couples therapists are relationship experts, trained to help all types of couples work through the challenges in their relationships. If you are facing trying times in your relationship, Thriveworks Jacksonville, FL (West) has couples therapists and counselors who can help you as soon as today or tomorrow. We have in-person as well as online counseling therapy sessions available now. All you have to do is call (904) 567-7203 to schedule your appointment.

How Can Couples Counseling Help My Relationship?

Are you and your partner looking for a couples therapist or relationship expert in Jacksonville, FL? Thriveworks Jacksonville has you covered. We have couples therapists, marriage counselors, premarital counselors, and other relationship experts on staff who can help you and your relationship. Your couples therapist will take a look at your specific relationship issues, needs, and goals, and then design a customized treatment plan just for you two! This helps to ensure that your therapeutic journey is a successful one.

In addition to providing you with specific tools and guidance related to your present issues, the couples therapists at Thriveworks Jacksonville, FL will offer important tools for maintaining a happy, healthy relationship moving forward. You will likely discuss…

  1. How to communicate effectively: Oftentimes, our relationship issues stem from poor communication or a lack thereof! We’re confronted with unpleasant emotions and take them out on our loved ones before having a productive conversation about the problem at hand. We can all benefit from taking a few minutes to step back and evaluate the situation. And then approach a conversation with our significant other with patience and openness.
  2. The importance of maintaining relationship expectations: It’s also likely that your couples therapist will spearhead a conversation about relationship expectations. Many of us adapt unrealistic expectations from TV shows and movies about what a relationship should look like. In reality, relationships aren’t pretty or perfect 24/7. And it’s important to remember this. A couples therapist at Thriveworks Fort Lauderdale can help you manage these expectations.
  3. Good relationship habits to develop and stick to: In many areas of our life, we develop good habits and then fail to stick to them. We forget about them or put them on the backburner. Your relationship therapist will remind you of the good habits you should implement and stick to in your relationship.

Thriveworks Jacksonville, FL couples therapists and counselors help their clients to resolve present issues, communication more effectively, maintain relationship expectations, stick to good relationship habits, and more! If you think that you could improve your relationship in any way (or you want to prepare your relationship for rainy days that are to come), schedule couples therapy with us today.

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Thriveworks Jacksonville, FL is here for you. We’re here to help when your relationship is struggling or when you simply want to ensure you’re getting the most out of your relationship. We have couples therapists, marriage counselors, and premarital counselors who can help their respective clients as soon as today or tomorrow.

To schedule your couples therapy appointment, reach out to Thriveworks Jacksonville, FL (West) at (904) 567-7203. We can offer you in-person counseling sessions as well as online counseling appointments. Just let us know which service you prefer. We look forward to your call!

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