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When it comes to our children’s well-being and happiness, there are few measures that we won’t take. We might as well paint our vehicles yellow and throw a “taxi” sign on the roof with all the events and activities we spend our days shuttling them to: sports practice, school functions, birthday parties, trips to the park or a museum — you name it.

One thing we can forget to do, though, is to consider what it takes to establish a firm basis of emotional health that they can grow from for the rest of their lives. At Thriveworks Grand Rapids Child Therapy, we believe that children, just like adults, can benefit from meeting with a mental health professional, and so we’re here to offer our services to individuals of all ages.

Even if your child or children appear relatively happy-to-lucky, there is a lot that a counselor can help them to understand and explore that will equip them for present and future challenges.

Why Pursue Grand Rapids, Forest Hills Child Therapy?

Your child can benefit from meeting with a skilled, professional for many reasons. Maybe a teacher or school guidance counselor pointed out some potential concerns with your son or daughter. Perhaps you’ve spotted some concerns of your own, such as increased moodiness, detachment or a loss of interest in formerly pleasurable activities, and you’re considering what a counselor could do for your young one.

While it may be difficult to face these issues, know that Thriveworks Grand Rapids Child Therapy is here for you and your child, and the sooner your son or daughter begins to confront whatever is going on, the better.

Many parents will bring their child to therapy even just for a routine mental health check up, similar to getting an examination by a medical doctor or dentist, and others come to us when they’ve already spent some time weighing their options. In either case, know that our counselors have experience helping children for a variety of reasons and of a variety of ages.

Reasons to pursue child therapy include:

  • Difficulty making friends
  • Inability to focus on schoolwork
  • Autism concerns or diagnosis
  • Violent outbursts
  • Loss of a friend or family member
  • Undue stress or anxiety
  • Eating disorder concerns
  • Lack of personal confidence

It’s important that we mention that child therapy isn’t only for healing past and present emotional wounds. It’s also a way to help them experience higher levels of personal understanding and compassion, which leads to a better understanding of others — empathy.

In other words, bringing your son or daughter to child therapy makes the world a better place. (Yes, we really do believe that.)

Child Therapy Techniques

You can’t exactly reason with a 2-year-old. Perhaps, not with a teenager either (we kid).

This is where the professional counselors at Thriveworks Grand Rapids Child Therapy truly shine. We employ a variety of communication and counseling techniques that have time and time again proven to help even the most reserved children open up and discuss what’s going on in their lives and in their minds.

These methods of child therapy may include:

  • Play therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Talk therapy
  • Teaching relaxation and breathing techniques
  • Distinguishing between medical and psychological issues
  • Teaching methods for coping
  • Teaching interpersonal skills

Just like no two children are truly identical (even when they’re twins), no two therapy plans are exactly the same. We will tailor our methods to suit the personality and needs of your son or daughter, to make sure your son or daughter leaves each session with a rejuvenated sense of self-worth and a more positive life outlook.

Thriveworks Grand Rapids Child Therapy is Here to Help

We’re here to help, not to drain your finances or to keep you waiting for weeks or months before the fist session.

Not only do we accept many major insurance providers, but we answer the phone when you call and will schedule the first appointment for this week — if not tomorrow — to make sure your child is given the care they need right when they need it.

Thriveworks is a growing national community that believes everyone can change for the better with the help of a caring professional — which is why we only work with the best in the industry. Many of our therapists have been featured in trusted news outlets, such as The Journal of Mental Health, Counseling Today, CNN, Cult of Mac, Bleacher Report and The Boston Globe.

Our clinicians are ready to use their expert knowledge and experience to helping your son or daughter live a happy, fulfilled life.

Call us today at 616-425-2176 or click the button below to learn more about our child therapy practice!

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I have nothing but good things to say about my therapy with Lori. I was hesitant to begin a therapy regimine w...Read more

ithout knowing anything about the therapist. After the first session I knew I had found the right person. Lori is so adept at pinpointing the problems and gives very useful ideas of how to handle them. She is very personable and easy to talk with. I will miss these sessions but I have the confidence to know I have the tools to deal with whatever comes my way. I am a much happier person!

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All is well!

All is well!
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Fantastic. Look forward to future sessions

Fantastic. Look forward to future sessions with my son!

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