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There are plenty of things to worry about in this life. Even when we live in a secure, first-world, democratic society, we feel worry on a daily basis.

No matter how much money we have, we always worry that we need more. No matter how healthy our children are, we worry tomorrow some horrible disease will strike. We worry about the new neighbors that are moving in next door. We worry we will lose our job. The list goes on and on. However, for some people, worry becomes anxiety that they just cannot shake.

When anxiety becomes a problem, it is like a heavy weight strapped around your neck that just puts everything else out of focus. It can become difficult to accomplish daily tasks because fears become overwhelming. There may be specific things that cause us worry, or there might just be an unbearable, overarching fear. It can be a crippling anxiety that makes the simplest jobs difficult and complicates relationships.

Thriveworks Grand Rapids counselors are experts in anxiety therapy. We are able to walk with you on the journey of coping and healing with anxiety. It can be a lonely struggle when you feel like you are the only person suffering from this type of disorder. However, if you suffer from anxiety, you are far from alone. It is a very common disorder and can benefit greatly from intervention with a trained counselor. Help is just a call or a message away.

Types of Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety and fears are very common. In certain times of life, anxiety becomes more intense. The loss of a job, moving to a new area, experiencing the loss of a loved one; all of these events can make fears become very intense. Stressful life situations can create new fears, or it can exasperate long standing ones. An anxiety disorder is more than fear. It is a serious condition that requires help from a trained professional.

These disorders do not discriminate. Children and adults, upper and lower economic status, male and female; all parts of society experience anxiety disorders. There is no safeguard against it or a way to prevent it. These disorders may come on very suddenly, and in other cases, they develop slowly across months or years.

Types of anxiety disorders include:

  • School phobia (particularly in children)
  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Social anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Panic disorder
  • Agoraphobia (fear of specific places or situations)
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Separation anxiety

There is no need to feel embarrassment or shame in seeking treatment for your anxiety disorder. It is very common, and you have done nothing to bring it on. Thriveworks Grand Rapids counselors can help you identify the specific type of disorder that you are facing. We have trained, experienced professionals that are able to listen to your symptoms and fears, and then help develop a plan for growth and change. It may be impossible to ever fully eliminate anxiety, but it is very possible to learn strategies for minimizing it.

Anxiety disorders can often manifest in physical symptoms as well. Panic attacks can be incredibly frightening and even painful. Those suffering from their first panic attack often mistake the symptoms for a heart attack. Besides panic attacks, other anxiety symptoms can be sleeplessness, headaches, and rapid heartbeat. Treatment can help both the mental stressors, as well as the physical manifestations of this disorder.

Anxiety Disorder Treatment Methods

It may seem like a dream to imagine life without crippling anxiety. Perhaps you are considering treatment for someone besides yourself. Your child may be struggling a great deal with school or avoiding many situations in order to try to curb his or her anxiety. It can be very painful to watch loved ones try to cope with anxiety in their daily lives.

Thriveworks Grand Rapids therapists can step in when you feel all hope is lost. Whether you are seeking treatment for yourself or for your child, we can help make change a reality. There are many different treatment methods that can be used in the treatment of anxiety disorders.

Some methods of treatment for anxiety include:

  • Cognitive behavioral methods
  • Interpersonal therapy
  • Gradual exposure therapy
  • Play therapy for children
  • Possible use of medication
  • Establishing routines, including exercise and relaxation

There is no single method that will work universally for every client. Each person presents differently, and each person will respond differently to treatment methods. An experienced Thriveworks Grand Rapids anxiety counselor will develop a plan for success, most likely using several different methods of treatment. We do not guarantee that change will be immediate, but we will be your trusted partner in stopping anxiety from ruining your life. You deserve to live without fear and crippling anxiety.

Why Choose Thriveworks for Help with Your Anxiety?

Thriveworks Grand Rapids counselors are leaders in the mental health field. They are trained and educated professionals who are ready to help with your anxiety problems, whatever form they take. You may feel as if your anxiety problems have not reached the level of a serious disorder, but they are affecting your ability to reach your full potential. We are able to help with this as well. Your goals will become our goals.

If your normal daily worries have become out of control, give us a call. Because your mental health is our top priority, we do not operate with a waiting list, and in most cases, we have appointments within 24 hours for new clients. Don’t wait any longer to reach out—the first step to relief is just a phone call away.

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