Developing a Healthier Self-Image in Franklin, MA—Getting Help from a Therapist or Counselor

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Developing a Healthier Self-Image in Franklin, MA—Getting Help from a Therapist or Counselor

Nowadays, it’s all about two things: how fast are you succeeding and who can see it. Of course, this is a recipe for disaster.

Social media plus a competitive world can wreak havoc on our self-image. Our flaws are magnified, and strengths belittled. But while low self-esteem may look like the norm, it’s far from healthy.

You don’t have to fall into the same trap! Thriveworks Franklin wants to build up your self-image to reflect the truth of who you are. (Spoiler alert- you’re pretty awesome!)

Why would we want to do that?

Because you’re worth it! Your potential is greater and strengths more powerful than you know. Sure, weaknesses and flaws are part of the human psyche. But those do not subtract from all the good in you. They can distort your true self-image, but only if we let them. Start the work toward having a view of yourself by scheduling an appointment with a Thriveworks Franklin therapist or counselor at 617-360-7210.

What Is Self-Image?

In general, your self-image is how you view yourself. It is closely tied to self-esteem- how confident you are in your abilities to perform. Your self-image is probably made up of many different facets. Some of those you might feel pretty highly of yourself (high self-esteem). For other facets, you might think you’re the worse (low self-esteem). Having a good Self-image means being able to honestly and accurately assess yourself on these facets. Usually, people have more of a negative view than they should, and that will be what we focus on in a counseling session. But understanding your weaknesses and learning how to combat them is also important.

Some examples of facets of self-image include how you look, personality, ability to perform well at work, ability to make friends, and so much more!

People who really struggle with their self-image will often assume they’re going to fail at everything, including things they haven’t even tried yet. Or they might think that deep down, something is wrong with them and they’ll never be able to overcome their struggles. It is a lonely battle, and one that can feel truly hopeless.

The good news is, you’re neither alone nor without hope! Thriveworks Franklin has counselors ready to guide you and cheer you on towards a true self-image.

If you’re still not sure if seeing a counselor for self-image is worth it, compare yourself to some of these common symptoms of negative self-image.

  • Fear or lack of desire to try new things
  • Anxiety
  • Self-hatred
  • Laziness
  • Perfectionism
  • Mistakes playing on repeat in your mind
  • Overthinking
  • Depression
  • Negative self-talk
  • Codependency
  • Desire to please others

Self-image can eat away at the joy in so many areas of your life. At its worse, it can begin to impact your physical health. Insomnia, headaches, and fatigue are just the start of the detriments negative self-image can have if not addressed.

What Does Self-Esteem Counseling Look Like?

At Thriveworks Franklin, you will always be put first. Your goals, vision, situation, and personality will determine the course of a session. We are your experienced guides and certainly have many tools we can use to help you on the way. But at the end of the day, the only person who can change you, is you! (We 100% believe you can!)

Some of the tools and practices a Franklin counselor will go over with you and practice might include:

  • Explore the roots of low self-esteem
  • Practice identifying negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones
  • Help you develop self-compassion
  • Make reachable life goals
  • Identify activities that will boost confidence
  • Combat any co-morbid disorders commonly associated with a negative self-image such as depression, anxiety, or eating disorders

Forming a negative self-image takes years of unkind thoughts and too harsh judgements. It’s a habit and has to be broken and replaced like any habit. Counseling for negative self-image isn’t just destroying the negative beliefs you have about yourself; it’s learning how to believe in the good!

Self-image is a slippery slope. One small thought about your weight seems harmless. It might even seem humble. Humility and negative self-image are not the same though. That one thought can snowball into many thoughts, which snowballs into actions, which reinforce the thoughts. Soon, you could be believing all sorts of lies about yourself and stealing the joy from being who you are.

Struggling with a negative self-image is no joke. It’s real and it’s painful. Thriveworks Franklin is here to guide you to a healthier image and freedom from the lies. Start the journey to greater better self-image today by calling 617-360-7210.

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