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Many people struggle with issues such as persistent anxiety, feelings of guilt or shame, lack of motivation due to continued frustration particularly in relationships and other common but painful issues. Many of these people have hesitated to seek out a professional counselor because they wonder if it is truly effective. They wonder, “Why should I put in the effort for something that will not work and only add to my frustration?”

Does Counseling Work

However, the research is clear: counseling and psychotherapy work. These techniques have been shown to successfully treat a wide range of mental health disorders and emotional distress using both subjective client reports and more objective measurements. And the effective treatment of symptoms occurs whether it is provided over a short-term or long-term period. There is evidence that suggests the benefits of counselling can interact positively with psychotropic medications such as anti-depressants. When used together, counseling and medication often have better results that when either one is used alone.

What Type of Therapy Works Best

The effective results of treatment seem to occur for various forms of counseling and psychotherapy. The type of counseling approach that will be effective depends on the skill of the clinician implementing that given approach and the symptoms suffered by the individual seeking help. For instance, people with panic disorders or specific phobias seem to have success overcoming these symptoms with a counselor trained and experienced in cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). Therefore, it is important for the person seeking help to be honest and comprehensive when describing the presenting problem. In this way, the counselor can select the counseling approach that is right for that particular situation.

What Distinguishes a Good Counselor from a Bad One

While it is difficult from the research to claim the effectiveness of one approach to counseling over another, there is evidence to suggest that the experience and competency of the clinician delivering treatment does matter in the outcome. Some research shows that certain clinicians have become competent in delivering treatment through years of experience. Others seem to have a natural clinical skill and their effectiveness is based on their ability to relate to and connect with the individual that they are counseling.

The qualities that make up a skillful counselor are:

  • Establish a trusting relationship with the individual seeking help,
  • Have the ability to evaluate an individual’s problem accurately,
  • Clearly identify the source of that problem,
  • Determine how this problem is impacting the individual’s life,
  • Develop a treatment plan that both helps decrease negative symptoms and enhances the quality of the individual’s life.

Not only does the relationship that the counselor establishes with a client have critical relevance to the therapeutic process, but the style of counseling used by the therapist is also extremely important. The style of counseling can have a great impact on how the individual perceives the therapeutic process. Almost all studies on this subject suggest that clients benefit more when they are committed to the specific type of therapy approach that they are engaged in. This commitment has been shown to account for approximately 40% of positive results from counseling, more than any other single factor.

Selecting the Right Counselor For You

At Thriveworks-Franklin, we have a variety of trained professionals skilled in a variety of counseling styles and approaches. All our clinicians have years of training and experience diagnosing and treating a wide variety of problems. They have proven track records establishing relationships with their clients based on trust. They are able to identify the source of presented problems and select an appropriate course of treatment. They not only have had ongoing success decreasing symptoms associated with emotional unrest but also enhancing and strengthened an individual’s self-image, general well-being and quality of life.

If you or a loved one is in need of support getting through a difficult time, call Thriveworks-Franklin at (617) 360-7210 and schedule an appointment today. The Support Team at Thriveworks will connect you with a counselor who will fit your personality and needs. At Thriveworks, we have appointments available for new clients within 24 hours. If you are in need, please do not hesitate to call today.

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Thriveworks Counseling Franklin


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