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Have you ever had to say, “What?” or, “Say that again?” so many times in a conversation that you eventually just nod and smile? Or, maybe you’ve accidentally offended someone because your point came across the wrong way. Or, you feel like no one ever takes what you say seriously enough.

Communication is a harder task than it seems. Yet it is the key to success in relationships, jobs, and general well-being. It shouldn’t be that hard, right?

Maybe not, but the fact remains that it is. Humans are naturally egocentric, there’s nothing inherently wrong with that. But good, firm communication requires moving beyond that natural tendency. Without practice, that can prove difficult.

The counselors at Thriveworks Decatur have years of experience learning and practicing good communication skills that make them more assertive, clear, and intentional with their language. If you are ready to move forward with your own communication skills, we are excited to teach and support you.

What Is Communication Skills Therapy?

Communication skills therapy will first teach you some tools and tricks to use in your conversations, and second, give you a nonjudgmental space to practice. Our Thriveworks Decatur counselors will always put your needs and goals first. We are teachers and companions, but any counseling session is always about you. The open atmosphere allows for questions, mistakes, and learning.

We aren’t perfect in our communication skills either! Years of learning and researching has led us to some great techniques that we use every day and are eager to share with you. For example, you might practice how to:

  • Get your point across in an assertive, confident manner. Communication can be scary as well as hard, but you can still be strong in your viewpoint and beliefs.
  • Practice empathy during a conversation. It will form an emotional connection that will enhance the conversation, prevent unintentional harm, and can result in a more productive time.
  • Communicate non-verbally. The brain subconsciously takes in tone, body posture, and eye contact. It can greatly impact the message being sent.
  • Use active listening. How many times have you gotten lost in your own thoughts? Much of communicating is listening, not talking.
  • Address a touchy subject. Maybe you’re highly passionate about something, or someone else is sensitive about a topic. With effective communication, it doesn’t have to be a problem.
  • Start sentences with “I” instead of “you” to sound less aggressive and accusatory.
  • Approach different cultures with sensitivity. Culture is a huge part in how we communicate, so everyone will communicate a little differently.

And much more! Thriveworks Decatur knows that each relationship in your life is different, and so will every conversation. We will focus on what you want to learn based on the circumstances in your life. After all, it is much different communicating with your child than your boss.

Why Is Good Communication Important?

You may be thinking, “Well, actions speak louder than words. I can show my intent in ways other than talking.” And yes, that is true. We may even address those other ways to communicate during a session. A conversation with your spouse about commitment should be accompanied by setting aside more intentional time together. Apologizing to a coworker should be backed by adjusting your behavior.

But the truth remains that humans are social creatures and spend much of our time talking. Since it is such an engrained action, it has more benefits than getting what you want out of a conversation. Some examples include:

  • Increased empathy- by learning to switch from a me-centric view when talking, you can begin strengthening your empathy muscles.
  • Less drama- communication is the backbone of relationships. Good communication can be the difference between a successful relationship and a bad one.
  • More free time! How many problems are caused by miscommunication? Probably a lot! With strong communication, you’ll have less fires to put out.
  • More self-confidence. Talking to people doesn’t come easy for some. By being assertive in your communication, you’re also building your self-confidence.

Communication is a major part of your everyday. It can be as small as, “What do you want for dinner?” to as large as, “How are we going to tackle this financial problem?”

No matter how large or small, Thriveworks Decatur is ready to help you communicate more effectively than ever.

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