Work with a Psychologist in Atlanta, GA—Buckhead Psychologists

Work with a Psychologist in Atlanta, GA—Buckhead Psychologists

Children often feel afraid when they hear the words “doctor” or “dentist.” But as they grow, they come to realize that doctors, dentists, and other healthcare providers have one mission: to help us! Still, after making this realization, going to the doctor or the dentist can be nerve-racking. But time and time again, the benefits are proven, as they help us to improve or maintain our health.

“We are what we are because we have been what we have been. And what is needed for solving the problems of human life and motives is not moral estimates but more knowledge.” –Sigmund Freud

Psychologists are healthcare providers, too. And while we often look at physical and mental health differently, they are just as important. Psychologists function to help us work through life’s challenges. When we feel mentally ill or experience emotional pain, instead of going to our general physician, we can see a psychologist or another mental health professional.

The psychologists at Thriveworks Atlanta are here to ensure that you are living a happy, healthy, and successful life. If there is an obstacle in your way of living the life you long for, consider talking with one of our psychologists about it. They are more than happy to help, and they have the expertise to do so. To schedule your first appointment with a Thriveworks psychologist, just call (678) 804-7374. You can meet with a psychologist in a traditional office setting or online!

Should I Work with a Psychologist?

The psychologists at Thriveworks Atlanta understand that everybody has their own struggles. And that these struggles—while they might look similar to someone else’s struggles—are specific to the individual. Therefore, each and every person needs personalized help. Our psychologists are ready to offer that personalized help in the form of an individualized treatment plan. To do this, they will get to know you and the problem you are currently working through, such as:

  • Depression, anxiety, or another mental health issue
  • Relationship issues, like jealousy, trust, or miscommunication
  • Grief and loss
  • Addiction, substance abuse
  • Stress management
  • Self-esteem help
  • Anger management
  • Parenting dilemmas
  • Major life changes
  • Financial strain

This list only begins to scratch the surface of all of the challenges that our psychologists help their clients work through. If you are currently trying to work through one of these problems (or another problem that did not make the list), consider partnering up with a psychologist at Thriveworks Atlanta. As we mentioned above, they will develop an individualized treatment plan just for you.

How Can a Psychologist Help?

To address their client’s unique needs, the psychologists at Thriveworks Atlanta can provide (and pull from) different services including various approaches to therapy. The mental health services offered at Thriveworks Atlanta include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Couples therapy
  • Depression therapy
  • Anxiety therapy
  • Grief counseling
  • PTSD counseling
  • Trauma therapy
  • Stress management counseling
  • Addiction therapy

Their approach to treatment will depend on your specific challenges and needs. For example, if you present relationship issues, such as jealousy or a lack of trust with your significant other, your psychologist will pull techniques from couples therapy to best help you and your partner. If, as another example, you come to Thriveworks Atlanta with symptoms of depression (e.g., despair, feelings of hopelessness, changes in appetite, suicidal thoughts, lack of interest in life), your psychologist will use depression therapy techniques and tools to help you.

Schedule an Appointment with a Psychologist at Thriveworks Atlanta, GA

If we were able to, many of us would prefer to just solve our problems on our own. But the reality is that often these problems are too big for us to handle by ourselves. And if we reached out for help sooner than later, we would benefit greatly. So, if you are struggling in any way, or you simply think that there are areas in your life you could improve, consider meeting with a psychologist at Thriveworks Atlanta.

Our psychologists are the best of the best. They have impressive skills, experience, and training that will empower you to achieve greater health, happiness, and/or success in life. And they couldn’t be happier to work with you. To schedule an in-person or online appointment with one of our psychologists, just call (678) 804-7374. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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