PTSD and Trauma Therapy in Atlanta, GA—Trauma Therapists, Counselors

PTSD and Trauma Therapy in Atlanta, GA—Trauma Therapists, Counselors

Trauma comes with excruciating pain—when you first experience it and for many years to follow. A traumatic experience is one that is deeply disturbing or distressing. Examples include the loss of a close friend or family member, physical or mental abuse, natural disasters, and other near-death experiences. If you encounter a traumatic experience, you will likely feel sad, angry, fearful, confused, and other difficult emotions. On top of that, you might develop PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, especially if you fail to process your trauma properly.

“Trauma creates change you don’t choose. Healing creates change you do choose.” –Michele Rosenthal

Traumatic experiences stick with us because they physically alter our brains. After we experience trauma, our brain enters a state of hyperarousal. It is constantly looking out for threats, especially those that match your previous trauma. That’s where those “triggers” you hear about come in. This hypervigilance is but one of many long-term effects of trauma. It also doubles as a symptom of PTSD.

There is good news. If you are on edge, unhappy, or otherwise affected by trauma, you can receive the right help to work through it and live better. Trauma therapists specialize in helping people just like you. If you are in the Atlanta, GA area, consider working with a trauma therapist or PTSD therapist at Thriveworks Atlanta. Just call (678) 804-7374 to speak with a member of our scheduling team and get all set up. Keep in mind that in addition to traditional in-person therapy sessions, we offer online counseling too!

Healing from Trauma: Do I Need Help?

As we mentioned earlier, trauma stays with us… unless we intentionally address it, process it, and allow ourselves to move forward. This recovery process involves opening up about your experience as well as how it makes you feel. This can sound intimidating, scary even, but talking about your trauma is crucial to healing. Talking to a friend or family member can be helpful, but talking with a mental health professional is multibeneficial.

Trauma therapists and PTSD therapists have skills, training, and experience specific to trauma and helping people through their trauma. The trauma specialists at Thriveworks Atlanta will provide you with an unbiased, nonjudgmental space to open up. They will also present you with valuable tools for better managing your trauma symptoms. And, perhaps most importantly, they will provide you with perpetual support throughout the process. While trauma isn’t often resolved easily or quickly, it is possible. And we want to help you do it.

What Is Trauma Therapy? How Can It Help?

Trauma therapy is an effective approach to treatment for those who have had traumatic experiences. As we’ve touched on previously, trauma therapy will involve opening up to a trauma specialist about your experience. Your trauma therapist will listen closely and then design a personalized treatment plan to best meet your needs. This plan might involve several therapeutic techniques, but your therapist will have the following goals in mind for you:

  1. Alleviate or better manage your symptoms of trauma/PTSD
  2. Shift your focus from the past to the present
  3. Steadily improve daily functioning
  4. Reclaim power over one’s life

These are big, important goals that will ultimately help you process your trauma and get back to living the life you know and love. You might even have additional goals to add to the list. In any case, the Thriveworks Atlanta PTSD therapists and counselors are happy to walk with you on your journey. They understand just how debilitating trauma can be. They don’t want you to live in the past—they will help you look hopefully to your future.

Work with a Trauma Therapist at Thriveworks Atlanta, GA

Have you encountered a traumatic event? We know that you’re probably struggling as a result. Be sure to take care of yourself and get the help that you need in healing properly. Thriveworks Atlanta, GA has trauma counseling services available for you. Our trauma therapists and PTSD therapists can provide you with treatment that will help you process your trauma and move forward once and for all.

To schedule a trauma therapy appointment, just call our office at (678) 804-7374. We’ll get you set up with one of our skilled, caring professionals who specialize in trauma treatment.

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