Online Therapy in Atlanta, GA (Buckhead)—Online Therapists and Counselors

Online Therapy in Atlanta, GA (Buckhead)—Online Therapists and Counselors

Have you been trying to kick a “weird funk” but you can’t seem to get out of it? Is the stress piling up and you’re struggling to manage all of the weight? Do you despise your boss, your coworkers, your work, and you’re ready for something more fulfilling? Has the death of a loved one sent you into a downward spiral?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you share something in common with millions of people around the world. And you could likely benefit from working with a mental health professional. If you agree or you’re interested in exploring the possibility, reach out to Thriveworks Atlanta, GA (Buckhead) online therapy.

We have many therapy options to choose from, including online therapy, which is taking the world by storm! This option allows you to attend your therapy session from the comfort and convenience of your home or wherever you please for that matter. If you’re interested in the online therapy counseling option (or another mental health service), give Thriveworks Atlanta, GA (Buckhead) a call.

Atlanta (Buckhead) Counseling: What Is Online Therapy?

Online therapy is a great alternative to traditional therapy options for many people, especially if you haven’t been able to fit therapy into your schedule. Online therapy allows you to achieve meaningful work with your therapist, without having to drive to another appointment after or during work. Instead of meeting them at their office, you’ll meet with them online via telephone, video, or even email:

  1. Phone and video counseling: These two options are similar, in that you will set a specific day, time, and timeframe, to meet with your therapist either on the phone or via video chat. If you still want a face-to-face element, video therapy might be the better of the two options for you!
  2. Email therapy: This third online therapy option is different from phone and video counseling, in that you will not attend a therapy session on a specific day, time, and during a certain time period. Instead, you’ll email or chat back and forth on a more casual basis.

We see that many of our clients enjoy online therapy and are able to make progress with their therapist or counselor via virtual means. If you think that you might find online therapy valuable, let Thriveworks Atlanta, GA (Buckhead) know. We can set you up with a therapist today.

Online Therapy Benefits: How Can Online Therapy Benefit Me?

Here at Thriveworks Atlanta, GA (Buckhead), you don’t have to wonder or worry if your counselor or therapist has the proper licensed, skills, experience, or training needed to help you. Every counselor, therapist, and psychologist we partner with is chosen for their impressive skills and experience; additionally they always possess the proper licensure and complete an intensive training process. In other words, you can trust that the provider you partner with is equipped to help, guide, and support you in online therapy (or in-person counseling).

If you are in search of the most convenient and comfortable therapy option, online therapy is it. This form of therapy enables clients to work with their therapist from wherever they need or want to. This means that you can say goodbye to the drive, the traffic, the waiting room, and other things you might not like about going to your regular appointments. On top of that, you are still able to make meaningful progress with your therapist, even though you are not sitting in the same room face-to-face. Research shows that online therapy is beneficial and effective for many people.

Work with an Online Therapist at Thriveworks Atlanta, GA (Buckhead)

If you’re in the Atlanta, GA Buckhead area, consider working with a therapist, counselor, or life coach at Thriveworks Atlanta, GA (Buckhead). Our providers can help you find greater happiness, health, and success in life, whether you’re working through a mental illness, relationship issues, work stress, or another significant problem. They can help you in online therapy or in-person therapy—it’s whatever you prefer and can make work with your schedule.

If you’re ready to schedule an appointment with Thriveworks Atlanta, GA, just give us a call. We’ll be here to help when you’re ready to begin.

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