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Rebecca and her partner Ty recently moved from their apartment in the city out to the suburbs. Although they’re enjoying their new location, Ty’s not so sure that he’s committed to the move. The more he thinks about everything that this life transition requires, the more his anxiety seems to skyrocket. Where he was once excited, burning anxiety stands in its place. 

After talking with Rebecca, he believes it’s time for him to talk with a psychologist, someone who can help him balance out his mental health while they settle into their new life. Although Ty hasn’t talked with a psychologist before, he knows that as an experienced mental health professional, they’ll be able to offer him coping strategies to help process the move. Plus he knows that therapy or counseling might offer him a new and helpful perspective when he needs it most. 

Like Ty, you may also want to connect with a psychologist in order to alleviate some of the negative emotions or situations that are affecting your daily life. If so, call Thriveworks in Coral Springs, FL for more information about how a psychologist can benefit you, and to schedule your first session. Or, use our online booking system to schedule your appointment yourself!

Should I Talk with a Psychologist? 

Psychologists help everyday people (like yourself) become better equipped to handle life’s ups and downs by exploring the root causes of uncomfortable emotions. However, one of the primary benefits of talking with a psychologist is that they can offer helpful coping strategies to help you de-stress or de-escalate in real-time situations in your personal life. Psychologists often have highly advanced degrees that help them assist clients with: 

  • Anxiety
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Relationship problems
  • Child or teen behavioral issues 
  • Depression 
  • The loss of a friend or family member
  • Financial or work-related stress 
  • Difficulty processing a divorce or breakup 

These are only a few of the many different scenarios that a psychologist can help with. Your personal experience is unique and valued by our providers, so don’t feel defeated if your situation hasn’t been listed. By sharing your own experience with a psychologist, they’ll be able to get the feedback they need to understand your mental health needs. Team up with one of our providers to identify coping strategies that work as you move forward. 

Plus, if your mental health needs are related to family or relationship difficulties, group counseling might be a consideration for you. Counseling or therapy sessions with a psychologist can help to improve your: 

  • Relationship or marital problems 
  • Family relationship
  • Ability to set and hold healthy boundaries in different scenarios
  • Emotional regulation (in anger management or grief counseling) 
  • Communication skills and ability to compromise

Work with Your Psychologist in Online Counseling

For those who are seeking extra flexibility and convenience, consider our online therapy or counseling services. They’re a great way to: 

  • Avoid the anxiety or embarrassment that arise for some during in-person sessions.
  • Engage with your therapist over the phone or video as you both explore the sources and effects of anxiety, sadness, relationship issues, and more. 
  • Meet with your therapist anywhere, as long as you have a solid internet connection and a private space to speak during your session.

You can also rest easy, knowing that our virtual sessions are still protected by the same rigorous privacy guidelines set forth by HIPAA. Your personal information is secure and safe, so you can make the most out of your sessions without having to worry.

Schedule a Session and Connect with a Psychologist at Thriveworks in Coral Springs, FL

With the assistance and expert insight of a psychologist at Thriveworks in Coral Springs, FL, getting relief from mental health issues and conditions has never been easier. And while deciding to seek therapy or counseling might be a solo decision, there’s no need to face your mental health challenges alone. 

If you decide to call our office in Coral Springs, FL to begin, you’ll be assisted by one of our scheduling specialists. They’re available seven days a week to help you with finding the perfect time for your sessions, the right provider, or even with setting up your insurance to cover costs. You can also schedule an appointment using our online booking system.

Becoming a Thriveworks client gets you exclusive benefits that other providers may struggle to match, including: 

  • Evening and weekend scheduling availability
  • Same-day cancellations and booking 
  • Call or email your provider outside of sessions as needed 
  • Online therapy options for virtual sessions
  • 23.5-hr cancellations—call 23.5 hours ahead of your scheduled time to cancel, free of charge. 

Connecting with a psychologist could offer you relief from the emotional burden caused by mental health conditions or simply the stress of everyday life. don’t hesitate to reach out today if you’re interested in being paired with a psychologist at Thriveworks in Coral Springs, FL.

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