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Practicing and Learning Mindfulness in Blacksburg, VA

What Exactly is Meant by “Mindfulness”?

The term “mindfulness” is sometimes used to refer to a psychological state of awareness and the practices that promote this awareness. However, a more practical definition may be that it is an “in the moment” awareness of one’s experiences.

Mindfulness is the act of focusing our attention on the moment at hand, with an attitude of openness. This practice helps us be aware of what is happening in the now, so that we can be more intentional in how we live our lives going forward. When we employ mindfulness, we can also gauge our responses/reactions to situations, and adjust accordingly in similar situations in the future.

Mindfulness has been used as a therapy tool for over 30 years. It’s given great results and has had a tremendous impact on the field. There is research to support its use in treating stress, depression, anxiety, addiction, and many more emotional/psychological issues. There’s even evidence that shows how Mindfulness can be helpful in relieving some of the discomforts of chronic pain.

Often we don’t have control over our thoughts and feelings in a situation. But – developing mindfulness helps us recognize and relate to our thoughts and emotions more effectively. Practicing Mindfulness can help us remove barriers to living our best life and allow us to begin to *Thrive*.

By learning Mindfulness skills and techniques, we can begin to take careful notice of what’s going on in and around us. We can start to look at our feelings, thoughts, and even physical sensations. We learn to be more in contact with our own five senses. And ultimately, we may even discover that we actually have choices in how we respond to the difficult or painful things we experience or have experienced. The practice of learned mindfulness can ultimately even contribute to effective emotion-regulation strategies.

What are the Benefits of Mindfulness?

There are numerous (in fact almost innumerable) benefits to learning and practicing Mindfulness! Countless studies and continuing research supports the effectiveness and helpful properties of utilizing Mindfulness. These include:

  • Less time spent on critical self-examination, decreased negative attitude, and even fewer depressive symptoms.
  • Increased memory capacity
  • An improved ability to maintain attention to tasks, etc.
  • Stress reduction
  • Boosts the working memory
  • Increased focus
  • Higher relationship satisfaction
  • Greater flexibility in negative/stressful situations
  • Better quality of life

Who Can Benefit from Learning and Practicing Mindfulness?

Virtually anyone. At any age or stage of life. Learning Mindfulness can help you in your job or career, your relationships, your interactions with others on a daily basis. At Thriveworks Blacksburg, we have on staff, an expert in the area of Mindfulness! Call 540-376-3348 to schedule a session as soon as tomorrow, perhaps even today! Get started on your path to a life where you can *Thrive*

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