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We’re Getting Married!

Prewedding counseling has one distinct advantage: It’s easier to learn how to communicate and work through problems before, rather than after the wedding. You won’t be going into your marriage with unspoken expectations or off-base ideas about what married life will be like. Right now, you’re in a building stage.

Certainly you have expectations, but premarital counseling can give you the tools you need to learn how to address your differences and form good habits that you’ll use throughout your life together.

One bride put it this way: “For me, it meant I could discuss concrete things about our future without bringing it up myself-or freaking him out.”

Planning your wedding? Prepare for your marriage!

Here at Thriveworks Premarital Counseling in Blacksburg VA, our experienced, caring counselors can help you build a solid foundation for your life together. You’ll also discover many things you should address with your partner before saying “I do.” And best of all, we’re ready to meet with you this week!

Even the most easy-going and agreeable couples can run into difficulty when discussing deep subjects like money, sex, and children. Our counselors can help moderate a productive conversation about such topics. We’ll help keep you on track, and work towards fair, objective decision-making in such areas. Let us guide you in creating positive resolutions in your marriage.

We’ve all had minor, or even major disagreements with our partner. Let our counselors show you better, more effective techniques to utilize during (or after) our heated discussions. No more silent treatment, pouting or shouting and insulting. We’ll talk about things to say, and things not to say so that you and your partner can ready a satisfactory solution. We’d love to work with you on learning or improving your conflict resolution abilities.

And if you feel your relationship doesn’t have any issues, that’s great! Just know that there’s always room for improvement! Let us help you get your marriage off to the very best start possible!

Do we really need premarital counseling?

Would you like to learn how to listen and communicate more effectively? We can help with that. You’ll find a safe, neutral environment, where you both can freely express desires, concerns, expectations, fears, and more.

It’s the time where you’ll clear the air about any toxic emotions that may be haunting your relationship: bitterness, resentment, jealousy, distrust.

Your counselor can direct you on your path to being free from such feelings so that they don’t cause harm later on in your marriage.

If one or both of you come from a dysfunctional background, premarital counseling can teach you how to confront and make peace with your past and break the cycle. A harmonious, happy, lifelong marriage IS possible. Let us help you experience it.

Call us to meet with a counselor -maybe even today!

At Thriveworks, we believe that anyone who enters into counseling has the potential to gain insight and understanding about their goals, dreams, personality and yes, even flaws. Better insight into one’s self helps improve the overall function of both members of the relationship.

We know that you’ve got lots and lots going on right now, so our counselors are able to work with your schedules to get you started on this most important step towards a successful marriage! Call us today at: (540) 376-3348.

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