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We fantasize about entering a relationship free of conflict. But in reality, a relationship without conflict does not exist. This might be disappointing; however, the truth is that overcoming conflict deepens the bond between two people and strengthens their relationship. That said, resolving conflict isn’t always easy. In fact, sometimes it’s pretty difficult and begs the help of a professional.

“Behind every great relationship are difficult and uncomfortable conversations we rarely get to see. Great relationships don’t just fall into our laps. They require people to move through their fears and insecurities and do the hard work to move wounds into healing.”

–Vienna Pharaon

If you and your partner are struggling to address or resolve a conflict, consider working with a couples counselor at Thriveworks Bensalem. We have skilled, caring counselors and therapists who specialize in helping couples improve their relationships. A couples counselor at Thriveworks Bensalem can help you and your significant other address jealousy issues, infidelity, lack of intimacy, parenting conflicts, and more.

It doesn’t matter what stage of your relationship you are in. New, engaged, and married couples can all benefit from working with a counselor or psychologist to create a happier, healthier relationship. If you think you and your partner could benefit (or you want to hear more), call Thriveworks Bensalem today.

Who Should Utilize Couples Counseling Services?

Here at Thriveworks, we believe that every single individual can improve their life by working with a counselor or coach. This goes for couples, too! We think that you could find value in talking with a couples counselor about your relationship. You might benefit especially if you are experiencing problems that you can’t or don’t know how to manage. For example, here are common topics discussed in couples counseling:

  • Infidelity
  • Lack of connection
  • Jealousy issues
  • Emotional or mental abuse
  • Parenting conflicts
  • Opposing visions for the future
  • Intimacy drought

This is but a small list, which is not inclusive of all issues discussed in couples counseling. It would be virtually impossible to write a comprehensive list, as all relationships are different, as are the challenges they face. The good news is the couples counselors at Thriveworks Bensalem are skilled and experienced, which means they can help you and your partner address whatever it is that’s taking a toll on your relationship.

Finding Value in Couples Counseling: Beneficial Tools

Here’s the thing: your relationship could benefit from couples counseling even if you and your partner aren’t experiencing a conflict right now. How? Because, as we said earlier, no relationship is free of conflict. This means that a conflict will almost definitely arise in your future, whether that’s a month or a year down the road. You can get ahead of the game and begin to tackle it now by learning helpful tools like effective communication techniques. Here are a few that your Thriveworks Bensalem couples counselor could teach you:

  1. Use universal statements: Instead of using phrases like “you always/never” you should use “I” statements. These are more effective when communicating with your partner as they aim to focus on your feelings without placing blame on the other individual. As an example, it’s better to say, “I feel like I am not being understood,” as opposed to, “You aren’t listening.”
  2. Stay focused on the topic at hand: Also, stay on topic. If you’re discussing a lack of intimacy, don’t bring up another argument you had last week or fight about who should do which household chores. You’ll be much more productive if you focus on one topic at a time.

Are you looking for Bucks counseling for couples? These are just a couple communication hacks your Thriveworks Bensalem couples counselor can teach you. As we’ve said before, their services are not limited to certain couples in need of help in a few mere areas. They are able to help couples with a range of problems, as well as those who have yet to face conflict.

Schedule a Couples Counseling Session at Thriveworks Bensalem, PA

Are you looking to create the happiest, healthiest relationship possible? A couples counselor or psychologist at Thriveworks Bensalem wants to help you do it. These professionals are skilled, caring providers who offer individualized care to their clients. If you think that you and your partner could benefit from working with a couples counselor, reach out to us today.

We offer flexible appointments, including daytime, evening, and even weekend sessions. Also, we work with many different insurances, to help as many people as possible. Call us now to schedule an appointment.

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Jamie is an awesome counselor with many skills to help individuals cope with everyday issues. She has changed ...Read more

my life in so many ways. I love leaving a session with a plan in mind. Her professionalism and caring demeanor is an added plus. Jamie has very good insight on issues that are too close to recognize myself. I’m very grateful for her direction and support. I would highly recommend her to family and friends !

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Jamie is a fantastic therapist. I highly recommend her. She is well rounded and provides great assistance on v...Read more

arious topics of concern. She has a way of asking the right questions to assist in processing and reflecting on issues in a new way. She is approachable, personable, and I very much enjoy my time with her.

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Compassionate and Wise Counsel

Jamie walked with me through a very difficult period in parenting a child with a chronic illness. She listens ...Read more

well, is compassionate, and helped me reframe my thinking when I was particularly discouraged and stuck. The fact that she could also integrate faith into our conversations made all the difference. I highly recommend working with Jamie!

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