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With everything going on around the Coronavirus, nothing seems certain. Parents are having to entertain school-aged children at home, borders between cities and states are at risk of closing up, and social distancing leaves many wondering if they can even visit loved ones. The flood of news doesn’t help. What’s true and what’s false? Is it panic or necessary steps forward? Do I need more toilet paper?

The Coronavirus has shaken this community to its core, so much so that there’s a second outbreak seeping into our nation: Coronavirus anxiety.

Anxiety around the coronavirus and everything that comes with it is a real and painful battle. It is valid and exhausting. It can feel all-consuming. Even social media platforms have become entrenched with coronavirus related news. Thriveworks Amherst fully believes in this community and in your individual strength. Today, we want to make sure you know:

You are not alone.

With self-isolation and quarantine happening throughout our community, this can be hard to believe. But it’s true:

You are not alone.

The future is unknown, and that is scary! But stronger than any of the questions in our lives is the strength and kindness of our community. Thriveworks Amherst, MA is just a small drop in a larger movement to connect others, keep our community members safe and happy, and come out of these trials stronger than before. Precautions are absolutely necessary, although panic is not. There can be a strong desire during this time to completely hide away from everything to protect yourself and your loved ones. While you fight coronavirus in your own powerful way, Thriveworks Amherst wants to remind you to fight for your own mental health as well. To make an online appointment with one of our therapists, please call (413) 634-4805.

It’s a staggering fact that anxiety symptoms have increased dramatically in our communities during this time of virus-related panic. For some, coronavirus and self-isolating is triggering to their anxiety. For others, the anxiety is new. Either way, it’s a terrifying place to be. The first step towards peace is to acknowledge what you are fighting. A few symptoms of anxiety include:

  • Checking the news obsessively
  • Physical pains in head, chest, or stomach/gut
  • Changes in sleep and eating habits
  • Thoughts that loop around a worst-case scenario or all the things you should be doing

The symptoms related to coronavirus anxiety are highly individualized to your unique personality and situation. As you become mindful of your actions and thoughts, please remember that self-quarantine is absolutely necessary at times. Keep an eye on the guidelines posted by reputable sources like the CDC, WHO, or your local government.

Self-quarantining isn’t the problem, it’s the destructive beliefs that can come with it.

Thriveworks Amherst wants to say it just one more time:

You are not alone. You are strong and together we will get through this. 

Talking through the thoughts and beliefs that surround your anxiety can be incredibly relieving. Whether you are anxious about yourself or your loved ones getting sick with Coronavirus or about the potential economic fallouts, Thriveworks Amherst will stand by you. Your anxiety isn’t alone either, many people across our community are struggling the same as you. Think of what we can accomplish when we turn that anxiety into positive energy to lift each other up!

Thriveworks Amherst is working to do our part by providing online counseling for coronavirus anxiety. Online counseling is a great substitute for face-to-face counseling that offers all the benefits without the risk of close interaction. Life may feel chaotic right now, but it is possible to regain control and continue to thrive.

Online counseling can be through video therapy, online chat, or phone calls. We accept most insurances and also offer a self-pay option. If you have any questions about our counseling services or insurance policies, contact our staff today. There are many ways to improve and maintain your mental health. A few tips include:

  • Check the news at scheduled times. No peeking outside of your scheduled news time. We recommend three 10-minute sessions to stay on top of your local and global news while also maintaining healthy boundaries for your anxiety.
  • Don’t forget to call loved ones! Self-isolation doesn’t mean being cut off. Technology grants us the ability to be with others without physically being with them. Using facetime and skype can keep conversations fresh and fun. Even just seeing the face of a loved one can be a huge mood boost.
  • Be creative with how you interact with neighbors. Have you thought about doing a quarantine cake-swap? Bake a cake, create artwork, buy a favorite book, or write a letter to place outside the door of a friend or neighbor. Then, they can continue the kindness by passing on something of their own creation to another neighbor or friend.
  • Continue to practice healthy habits. We know the urge to hole away with a tray of Oreos and a tub of ice cream is strong, but now more than ever it’s important to eat healthy meals with plenty of protein and vegetables. Try doing an at-home workout to keep your physical health up.
  • Try something new! We’ve all seen those self-care tips, but how many have we actually tried? Meditation, yoga, watercolor paints, journaling, extreme cake baking- add something new to your routine so your brain remains stimulated and healthy.
  • Of course, don’t forget to live! Change your hair style, learn to play the guitar, finish that bathroom construction project, learn how to grow indoor flowers. You are more powerful than your anxiety, don’t forget to live!

Thriveworks Amherst will not let coronavirus stop us from uplifting this community. If you find yourself plagued by uncertainty and anxiety, know that there is a way out. It doesn’t have to be like this forever. Come talk to us in a safe online counseling session. Don’t wait, call (413) 634-4805 today.

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