Amherst, MA—Alcohol Use Disorder and Addiction Counseling

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Amherst, MA—Alcohol Use Disorder and Addiction Counseling

Lip (short for Phillip) grew up under rough circumstances. As just a young teen, he was forced to take on the major responsibilities of feeding his brothers and sisters, paying bills, and getting his younger siblings to school. Somehow, he managed to stay on top of his own schoolwork, graduate from high school, and even get admitted to a nearby college—of which he felt uncertain about. His loved ones and his mentor talked him into going, but he quickly ran into trouble. He struggled to succeed in college-level classes, he experienced dating blunders, and he struggled to care for his family the way they needed him to. Quickly, Lip turned to alcohol and soon enough he became dependent.

“Healing is not an overnight process. It is a daily cleansing of pain; it is a daily healing of your life.” –Leon Brown

This is an example of the development of alcohol use disorder (AUD) from the popular Showtime show Shameless. Lip is a mere character on this show, but his struggle with addiction represents a real problem. Fortunately, he models a healthy course of action and seeks treatment, as he starts to attend AA meetings and even goes on to mentor other individuals.

Counseling for AUD and addiction could also prove to help Lip, as well as others battling addiction. If you can relate to Lip’s situation, or you think you might be in danger of becoming addicted to a substance, reach out to Thriveworks Amherst to work with an addiction counselor. We have counselors and therapists on staff who can help you to manage this problem. You don’t have to go it alone—if you think you could benefit from professional help, give us a call at (413) 634-4805.

Do I Need Alcohol Abuse Counseling?

When it comes to alcohol abuse, many don’t realize they have a problem. And if they do, they have a hard time admitting that they need help. These individuals crave the substance, they struggle to control how much they use, and they continue to use even when it negatively impacts their life. Additionally, those struggling with alcohol abuse often…

  • Spend more time drinking alcohol than they intended on
  • Spend less time engaging in their favorite hobbies and activities
  • Spend the majority of their time drinking and reeling from the effects
  • Want to spend less time drinking or stop drinking altogether, but have failed
  • Experience harmful effects from drinking such as:
    • Sadness
    • Insomnia
    • Nausea
  • Have missed work, school, or failed other responsibilities due to their alcohol consumption

There are varying degrees of AUD; however, if any of the above symptoms resonate with you, consulting a mental health professional is important, as you may have a mild form of this condition. Reach out to Thriveworks Amherst to discuss your symptoms and treatment with one of our providers.

What Can I Expect from Counseling for Alcohol Use Disorder?

Counseling for AUD and addiction is highly effective. This often involves talking about potential causes of your disorder, learning skills for managing your impulses, and overall developing healthier behaviors that support an overall healthy life. Now, that being said, your experience in counseling will depend heavily on your specific symptoms, your goals for treatment, and other information related to your unique case.

In addition, treatment doesn’t usually stop with therapy. In order to keep you on the right rack, the following services can prove helpful:

  1. Support groups
  2. Peer services
  3. Church or spiritual groups
  4. Recovery and wellness classes

The first step in managing your addiction is admitting you need help and reaching out to a counselor. They will analyze your presenting symptoms, talk with you about your experience thus far with your disorder, and work with you to map out the best plan for recovery.

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Over 15 million people struggle with AUD in the US. Fortunately, there is effective treatment for these individuals in the form of counseling. If you are struggling with an alcohol abuse problem, reach out to Thriveworks Amherst. The providers at Thriveworks are skilled, caring professionals who are eager to help you on your mental health journey. To schedule an appointment, all you have to do is give us a call at 413-634-4805. We’re ready when you are—we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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