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There’s an invisible terror in the United States. One that affects nearly 50% of and can leave lasting scars.

Emotional abuse is no joke. It is a poison that turns a vital part of the human existence—relationships—into something dangerous. It is a perverted form of the love that relationships are supposed to hold.

You deserve healthy, fulfilling relationships that push you to be better, comfort you when you’re down, and encourage you every step of the way. Every relationship will hit some bumps in the road, and that’s not a bad thing. However, when it turns abusive, it becomes something else entirely. Thriveworks Amherst emotional abuse counseling understands the deep emotional and mental wounds that emotional abuse can cause. Our Emotional Abuse counselors want you to know that there is a way to over come your past and grow into the healthy, happy life you deserve. Call and schedule with a Thriveworks counselor who is trained and experiencing in addressing emotional abuse by calling (413) 634-4805.

What Is Emotional Abuse?

“Emotional violence is another kind of abuse … it’s not about words because an emotionally abusive person doesn’t always resort to using the verbal club, but rather the verbal untraceable poison.”  ~ Augusten Burroughs

People make mistakes. They hurt their loved ones and forget to apologize. They may even wound someone they care about in a way that leaves lasting effects. Is that emotional abuse? Does emotional abuse have to be happening for years for it to be valid? Does it only happen in romantic relationships?

Emotional Abuse is hard to spot, especially when you’re in it. Thriveworks Amherst doesn’t hold to a strict definition of emotional abuse because there is no true way to encompass all the mental, emotional, and spiritual ways emotional abuse can affect a person. And there is no way to encompass all the tools used to emotionally abuse someone.

One of the core concepts of emotional abuse is the relational aspect of it. Often, emotional abusive relationships are focused on manipulation and control. Emotional abuse can take place in any relationships, which makes it hard to spot. It is usually a slow decline, maybe even starting from a healthy relationship. Slowly, an abuser will convince you that they are right, and you are wrong in some critical way. It can be passive and subtle, building up over years or a few days until you feel stuck.

Thriveworks Amherst believes that no one is truly stuck. There is always a way out. When it comes to emotional abuse, taking the way out involves a lot of courage and strength. Even the decision to do so is riddled with questions and doubts. Thriveworks Amherst is here to walk you through all of it. It’s better to lean on the safer side. If you aren’t sure, our emotional abuse counselors can help you come to a decision.

An emotional abusive person might:

  • Control money and spending
  • Constantly belittle you or point out flaws
  • Accuse you of things you never did
  • Use silent treatment as punishment
  • Control who you see or where you go
  • Make hurtful jokes
  • Objectify you
  • Use guilt as a weapon

There are many other detrimental methods to emotional abuse. Usually, they all revolve around the idea of control. Control and dominance are oftentimes the main motive behind emotional abuse.

Thriveworks Amherst wants to make it clear that emotional abuse isn’t limited to any one relationship. Romantic, friendships, professional, and family members can all be turned abusive. This is a scary idea, but Thriveworks Amherst is here to fight for you. There are loving, caring relationships out there. You are not doomed to this life or this pain. Thriveworks Amherst counselors are excited to walk with you out of this pain and into a life of freedom and growth.

How Can Emotional Abuse Affect People Long-Term?

Any amount of abuse is unacceptable. Mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD are possible results of abuse. Thriveworks Amherst reminds you that healing is always possible. The strength and courage it takes just to read this is remarkable. It is that strength that will carry you through these hard times.

Other symptoms that can show up in an emotional abusive relationship include:

  • Constantly putting the blame on yourself
  • Chronic low self-esteem
  • Difficulty voicing personal concerns and feelings
  • Hyper vigilance and anxiety
  • The feeling that nothing you do will ever be enough
  • Distrust in the validity of personal memories and perceptions

Emotional Abuse is something no one should go through. However, sometimes people do. If you or a loved one has been through emotional abuse, Thriveworks Amherst is here to help you heal.

What Does Emotional Abuse Therapy Look Like?

After emotional abuse, it can be even harder to open up, much less open up about the abuse that caused you so much pain to begin with. Thriveworks Amherst understands your hesitation. Our counselors won’t push you beyond what you are willing to go. The path to healing can be long, but any steps forward should be celebrated.

The first step is a terrifying but crucial one- acknowledge the abuse. This might be coming from someone you love, someone you’ve built a relationship up over years. Maybe once this relationship was pure and true and something changed. Maybe it’s newer. Either way, you deserve the freedom of not being chained down by an emotional abusive relationship.

The second step is equally as terrifying and crucial- removing yourself from the emotional abuse if it’s possible. Thriveworks Amherst is here to support you in this step. Our trained staff have help many like you to get the support they need.

We will also be there through every one of the steps that follow: The counseling session and all the twists and turns that it can take. The healing and growth. The moving on and finding your own strength. Thriveworks Amherst will be your biggest supporter and most reliable tool. Every session will be unique to your personality, situation, and goal. It’s about you, so we’ll keep the focus on you.

You deserve to have complete control of your own life. Freedom from the snares of emotional abuse is possible with Thriveworks Amherst. So, don’t hesitate and call (413) 634-4805 to get the help you need today.

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