What is Telehealth/Online Counseling in Amherst, MA—Online Counselors

What is Telehealth/Online Counseling in Amherst, MA—Online Counselors

When it’s 2:00 a.m., your 6-month-old probably doesn’t care that you’re running on five hours of sleep a night. The weather doesn’t care that you have a big project at work and that you really can’t be late. If the flu cared when finals were, it wouldn’t strike at the end of fall semester.

There are so many factors outside of your control. But the one thing you can count on is that Thriveworks Amherst does care. And we are fighting to give you more opportunities to live the most fulfilling, happiest life you can. One of these opportunities is through Online Counseling.  If you would like to schedule an online appointment with Thriveworks Amherst, call (413) 634-4805.

Online Counseling, also known as Telehealth, first made its appearance back in 1953. It’s built on the understanding that life throws many curve balls, but that everyone deserves the chance to get the help they need. Thriveworks Amherst believes in this mindset, and we offer virtual, online counseling for depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, and all the other struggles you could meet a counselor face-to-face for.

What Is Online Counseling?

Online Counseling could be through phone calls, FaceTime, Skype, and much more. However, Thriveworks Amherst works with a HIPAA compliant, private chat room used by medical professionals. We work to meet your needs, just like we would in a face-to-face session. The underlying factor is that an Online Counseling session takes place away from the office. You won’t be in the same room as your counselor.

Your initial thought might be of all the risk this could create. Will the sessions be taped? What’s the likelihood of it being leaked and someone finding out? Do you have measures against hacking? No; very little; and yes!

These are valid concerns, and Thriveworks Amherst Counseling has taken them all into consideration. Our apps and phones are safe, and we will always obey the Client-Counselor relationship laws that keep your information safe. And, as mentioned before, we use a private chat room especially designed for medical clinicians and therapists.

The flexibility of Online Counseling with Amherst means you never have to be alone, no matter where you are. A Thriveworks Amherst Counselor will be with you in a van, across the country, taking care of kids, or curled up in front of the fireplace. Outside factors shouldn’t allow depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, or anything else to take over your life. Thriveworks Amherst is excited to meet you and begin forming the life you’ve dreamed of.

Why Online Counseling with Thriveworks Amherst?

Online counseling is versatile. Need it every once in a while? Great! Want to schedule weekly virtual session? Also, great!

Regardless of your motive for looking into Online Counseling, there are some undeniable pros. Some include:

  • Weather: Living in New England we are all too familiar with how winter weather can bring havoc to our ability to get anywhere. Having the option of online counseling allows us to have sessions even if inclement weather prohibits traveling.
  • Consistency: Some of us have hectic schedules, and that’s not likely to change! Instead of driving somewhere, Online Counseling makes it easier to schedule an appointment from your own home.
  • Continued Relationships: It’s hard work finding a counselor you really click with. Once you find one, you don’t want to leave. Online Counseling ensures that relationship will continue no matter where you go. This is especially important if you’ve connected with your counselor on a cultural, spiritual, or other personal level. As long as you maintain a permanent address in Massachusetts, student attending college out of state can continue to see their Thriveworks Amherst counselor via Telehealth.
  • Fighting against the stigma: Thriveworks Amherst always keeps our offices nonjudgmental and empathetic. However, the outside world isn’t always so. Especially for some people, the social stigma around counseling can prevent them from coming to counseling. Online Counseling is a way you can further ensure your own privacy. Research suggests this can be important for young adults and teenagers who have a smaller circle and greater risk for a social fallout.
  • Anonymity: Seeing a counselor face-to-face can be scary, we can admit that! If the thought of looking someone in the eye and talking about your problems is too much for you, Online Counseling could be the perfect solution. Whether you are looking for help for depression, anxiety, trauma, relationships, or anything else, anonymity is important, and Thriveworks Amherst Counseling want to meet that need. Research has even proven that Online Counseling can allow people to open up quicker, making the healing and growing process easier.

There are many more pros than just these, of course. And with pros, there are always cons. Is Online Counseling more effective than face-to-face? It really depends on you, personally. For some people, yes. For other people, no. However, the results are startlingly clear that some counseling is better than no counseling.

Schedule an Online Counseling Appointment at Thriveworks Amherst

Depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, behavioral issues, or relationships can feel like they’re taking over your life and stealing your right to happiness. This isn’t true! It’ll be hard, but healing and growing into a life of your choosing is possible. Thriveworks Amherst Online Counseling is ready and able to walk that path with you, whether virtually or in-person. So give us a call at (413) 634-4805 and one of our schedulers will be happy to get you connected with a counselor who fits your needs.

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