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We all encounter events that increase our anxiety: the loss of a job, an uncomfortable social interaction, divorce, the loss of a loved one—any of these things can lead to anxiety.  No one is immune to it, and unfortunately, you can’t predict if (or when) it’ll happen to you.

If you’ve ever struggled with anxiety, you know how debilitating it can be. But it might help to know that you aren’t alone—in fact, approximately 40 million Americans struggle with anxiety each year. Sadly, most people will go untreated. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Anxiety is treatable. Anxiety therapy works and you can get the help you need at Thriveworks Anxiety Therapy in Amherst, MA(413-634-4805).

Do I Have Anxiety? What Are the Symptoms?

Many symptoms are associated with anxiety. It’s important to seek the professional support of a licensed anxiety counselor to help you understand the cause of your anxiety and develop a plan of care that’s right for you. Symptoms include:

  • Excessive worry
  • Difficulty falling or staying asleep
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Sweating
  • Chest pain
  • Obsessive thoughts or fears
  • Trembling or shaking
  • Panic
  • Fear

Remember, you are worthy of care. If you are experiencing any combination of the above symptoms, schedule an appointment with an anxiety therapist in Amherst, MA. They can observe your symptoms and design an effective treatment plan for you.

How Can Anxiety Therapy Help?

Anxiety Therapy helps people to change their thinking patterns and manage all of the harmful symptoms that come with anxiety. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is especially effective when it comes to treating anxiety, as this approach is rooted in changing those negative thoughts, which exacerbate or even bring on anxiety.

An anxiety therapist at Thriveworks can help you realize that even if a friend doesn’t respond right away, this doesn’t mean they are angry or upset with you. They can help you to understand that your anxiety or panic attack isn’t a heart attack (a common misunderstanding). Furthermore, they can help you confront the root of your anxiety problems; for example, if you have social phobia, they can help you see that all eyes are not on you the way you think. In sum, these professionals will assert your specific situation and then design therapy to best help you.

What Techniques Will I Learn in Anxiety Counseling?


Counseling for anxiety can vary from person to person, as symptoms and severity can also vary. That said, anxiety counselors will offer tools and techniques for better managing your anxiety in and outside of therapy. Here are a couple of helpful pointers they often offer clients with anxiety:

  1. Accept that everyone worries: The goal here is not to never worry. In fact, it’s virtually impossible to completely stop worrying. Instead, you should accept that worrying is a natural part of life. Tell yourself it’s okay to worry—about your upcoming presentation at work or your blind date. And then think about the true mission: shifting your thoughts from negative to positive.
  2. Focus on what is in your control: Now, think about what is in your control to eliminate unnecessary anxiety. For example, do you worry about making it to work on time? If this is a constant concern, put proactive measures in place so that you ensure you get work on time and don’t have to worry. Wake up with plenty of time to get ready and/or leave early if there’s traffic on the radar.

Your counselor will help you to realize that everyone worries and that there are factors in your control that you should focus on. And their assistance doesn’t stop there. Consider working with one of our counselors if you’re interested in their help.

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Thriveworks Anxiety Therapy in Amherst can help you learn to cope with anxiety, even overcome it—we are here for you. We offer daytime, evening, and weekend appointments so that you can find a time that works for your busy schedule. There’s never a waiting list—we set you up with a counselor within 24 hours. Plus, getting anxiety help may be more affordable than you thought, as we accept most major insurance plans.

Our anxiety therapists have undergone intense training and are experienced with helping people reduce, and sometimes eliminate, the presence of anxiety in their lives. Take the first step toward healing by scheduling an appointment with a counselor at Thriveworks Anxiety Therapy in Amherst now by calling 413-634-4805.

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