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In the past, doctors believed that there was no way to treat personality disorders. Today there are many treatment options including both counseling and medications.

People with personality disorders are not alone

Being diagnosed with a personality disorder can be isolating but the reality is that almost one-third of people who seek treatment for mental health issues are diagnosed with personality disorders. Generally speaking, the fall into a few categories:

  • Personality disorders that lead to eccentric, strange, or odd behaviors
  • Personality orders that led to dramatic or erratic behaviors
  • Personality disorders that lead to anxiety or fear

Not all personality disorders fit under these three categories but most do.

The first step toward healing

Every client’s path toward healing will be different but for the most part the first step is to get feelings under control. This can be done with talk therapy, medications, or both. Your counselor will discuss your history, your needs, and your symptoms to find the best way to get your feelings under control enough that you can move forward with treatment.

Your core beliefs may be playing a big part in your personality disorder

Core beliefs feel real to the people who experience them but they are actually very rigid and inflexible ideas that are not based in reality. Those who hold them are only able to see evidence to support them and are blind to evidence that they’re not valid. A counselor will work you through them to see that they’ve developed over time and to find better ways to handle these beliefs.

Thriveworks Marietta, GA Counseling and Coaching is here to provide you with the compassionate care you need. Your situation is unique and your treatment will get the personalized touch it needs.

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