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Experts estimate that 2 to 5 percent of the entire US population suffers from Binge Eating Disorder (B.E.D). Are you unable to stop eating? Do you have an irresistible desire to consume without control or reason? If so, then you might suffer from B.E.D. Very often intense feelings of fear, anger and shame surrounding food consumption will also present themselves in B.E.D sufferers.

Living with B.E.D.

Left untreated, B.E.D can have devastating side effects that can affect every area of your life. The more time that B.E.D is left without treatment, the greater the damage will become.

There is a spectrum of consequences that B.E.D may cause; from physical diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease and even stroke. To the psychological problems that develop including social anxiety, debilitating guilt, shame and very often clinical depression.

The Road to Recovery.

Many people with B.E.D. suffer in silence and often believe they have no options. But clinically proven methods of treating the disorder do exist. Thriveworks Littleton Counseling provides a counseling method that may help to put you on the right path.

Our expert counselors will develop a personalized counseling process with you, working together to cater for your specific needs. We do understand that the first hurdle, asking for help, is the toughest decision of all.

We always insist that the process starts with a simple introductory call, so call now and talk to the experts waiting to help. We always aim to put you on the path to success.

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