Tween Group Therapy: Controlling Emotions at an Emotional Age

Why a Group for Tween Girls?

As a tween, there is a constant struggle to fit in, get along with others, and manage all the emotions that come with this changing time. Tween Girls (rising 6th-8th graders) often present as struggling to find their way as they are stuck between being a child and a teenager. You see them as your happy little girl one minute and then suddenly they become angry, sullen, and almost impossible to talk to! Not only do they start struggling with relationships in the home, but feelings about school and friends often change or are conflictual. They may begin to isolate and are frequently preoccupied with who they like, who likes them, and who does not.

The group “Emotional Regulation: Controlling Emotions at an Emotional Age” is designed to help tween girls know they are not alone in this stressful and emotional time. It will help them learn about their emotions while developing skills for managing and coping, all while interacting with similar peers to help with social interactions as well.

Session Dates:

This is an open group series. We accept new members on an ongoing basis with a maximum group size of 10 girls. Groups are held on Tuesday evenings from 6 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.


  • Identifying emotions; why am I so moody?
  • Taking responsibility for making myself happy
  • Positive way to cope with stress.
  • Learning to love myself.
  • Self-soothing techniques.

Group space is limited to 10 participants. Self pay and insurance options available. Call today to schedule.

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