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We all have fears. There are many things in life of which to be fearful. Crime, natural disasters, disease, death; all of these things cause fear in life. However, there are many things that are not entirely rational to fear, but cause anxiety nonetheless. For those that experience panic attacks, anything can cause fear to strike. Did I check the door? Is the oven turned off? Are my hands clean? Do I have my keys? For those with panic attacks, anything can trigger an episode.

Your first panic attack will probably happen without warning. There are many symptoms that accompany a panic attack. Rapid heart rate, sweating, dizziness, fainting, and headache are all common symptoms. These can be so intense that many people think they are having a heart attack. It is common to visit an emergency room or medical provider for help. When you find out that these symptoms are caused by a panic attack, you may be confused about where to go for help. Look no further. Thriveworks Chesterfield counselors can be your trusted partner in learning how to deal with your panic attacks.

If you have recently experienced your first panic attack, you may be desperate for help. You can rest assured that help is available at Thriveworks Chesterfield. We do not believe in waiting lists. We have appointments available for new clients within 24 hours.

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