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Glenna is on her fourth major in college and is considering switching again. While this is typical of many college students, she’s concerned. Graduation is looming and she still isn’t certain she’s picked the right career for herself. She wants to do something fulfilling, but doesn’t expect her career to be the highlight of her life. She’s also concerned about making a choice with staying power in the transitioning economy.

Though not many college students consider career counseling, college is actually a great time to consider finding a career counselor. A career counselor is a fully-licensed mental health practitioner who can help clients determine their strengths, weaknesses, and aptitudes in order to find a career that will suit them. And they don’t just help college students—how many people do you know in the middle of their careers who aren’t entirely thrilled to go to work each day? Quitting their jobs and attempting to find work in another field overnight are likely not the appropriate courses of action, but a career counselor can help those people develop a plan to explore other career opportunities, get the needed experience or education, and make a move over time.

Career Counseling and Coaching – Therapists and Counselors in Chesterfield

If you went to college, it’s like you changed majors several times before you found one you wanted to stick with. This isn’t indecisiveness, it’s reality, and another reality is that many adults midcareer wish they could change their career trajectory. And, of course, they can!

If what you thought would be your dream job is now the last thing that you can imagine doing every day of your life, you’re not alone. That’s one of the many reasons people pursue career counseling.

Many young adults are only aware of about a dozen career paths (nurse, doctor, lawyer, crime scene investigator, teacher, insurance sales, accountant, business professional, software developer, pilot), when there are actually hundreds, if not thousands. One of the benefits of seeing a career counselor is having assistance in finding a career you may not otherwise have ever even heard of, let alone considered.

A career counselor will work with you to find the positives in your current career in order to help you consider any changes from a balanced perspective. Once you’ve had some help looking at your situation from that balanced perspective, you may decide to stay in your current position, but you will be able to do so with a fresh, positive outlook.

Fulfillment in a career isn’t about a lack of stress—every position will involve at least occasional moments of stress. Career fulfillment is about going to work every day and feeling that the work you’re doing is making a difference for an end-user and utilizing your special skills in a way that uniquely contributes to the work being done. But career fulfillment also requires reasonable compensation. You don’t have to be rich, but if you’re doing skilled work and not being compensated fairly, burn-out can occur. Your career counselor will take all of these issues into account, and help you consider your family and financial commitments, to help you make the best decision possible given all the variables.

What Phase of Life Can Career Counseling Benefit?

There are so many reasons people seek the advice of a career counselor. If you’re a college student in the middle of your third or fourth change in majors, you may be struggling to nail down what it is that you want to do for the rest of your life. Perhaps you’re just a few years into a career that seemed perfect for you early on, but now is either boring, too stressful, or simply
unfulfilling. Still other people find that their career is generally pleasing, but doesn’t provide the income necessary to sustain the lifestyle they want. A Thriveworks Chesterfield career counselor can help with all of this and more.

People also come to Thriveworks Chesterfield after the sudden loss of a job. While this can be a stressful time, it’s also the perfect time to reevaluate your career path. Forced unemployment can push us to think outside the box, and that shift in thinking encourages you to try something you’ve never considered before.

At Thriveworks Chesterfield counseling, we can help you analyze your current career, determine your marketable skills, create a plan for change, and help you remember your true goals in life.

How Does Career Counseling Help?

If you’re seeking the help of a career counselor, it’s likely that you’re not exactly sure what you want to do with your professional life. Perhaps you know what you enjoy and what you’re good at, but you’re struggling with finding where those things intersect. Or, and this does happen, maybe you don’t know what you’re good at or what you enjoy. It’s easy to get caught up in the rat race and lose track of interests and hobbies. If you excelled at some particular thing in school, it’s easy to be uncertain of how that skill might translate into professional aptitude.

Career counseling is also useful for those who want to remain at their current company but move into a higher level position. If you feel stagnated and unsure of how to make that shift, Thriveworks Chesterfield career counselors can help you strengthen any weak leadership skills and help you learn to take initiative in order to move forward.

Thriveworks Chesterfield Career Counseling

Thriveworks Chesterfield career counselors would be honored to walk with you on this journey. Unlike most counseling offices, we do not operate with a waiting list. We have appointments available for new clients within 24 hours. You have put your dreams on the shelf long enough.

Let us help you make them a reality.

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