Psychological Testing and Assessment Services in Winston-Salem, NC

Psychological testing and assessment services help the individual (and their psychologist) better understand a number of things: their behaviors, their traits, their strengths, and their weaknesses. It’s important to remember that there is no pass or fail when it comes to taking any of these tests—they’re strictly designed to help all parties involved gain a better understanding of the person in question.

Some psychological tests can assess whether an individual has developed depression, anxiety, or another mental illness. Other tests can help parents better understand why their child is exhibiting behavioral problems (at home and/or at school). As you can probably tell, there is a wide range of psychological tests available. Thriveworks Counseling in Winston-Salem, NC is happy to offer this form of testing to supplement happy, successful living.

Thriveworks Counseling in Winston-Salem, NC specifically offers IQ testing, personality testing, achievement testing, differential diagnosis assessments, and pre-surgical evaluations. If you are in need or interested in any of these services, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ll be happy to set you up with one of our psychologists who can provide you with the form of testing you’re looking for.

Different Types of Psychological Testing and Their Benefits

As we just mentioned, there are a few specific psychological tests and assessments offered at Thriveworks in Winston-Salem. We’ll delve into these tests below:

IQ Testing

IQ testing measures components of intelligence as well as intellectual potential—not actual intelligence. Sean Hayes PsyD, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist at Thriveworks in Sterling, VA, explains, “Some people are stronger in certain areas (like different types of memory, processing speed, abstract reasoning, concrete reasoning, attention, social skills) than others. This information is helpful because we can say then what kinds of things you’re especially good at and how to compensate for weaknesses in other areas.”

If you suspect that your child might have an intellectual disability, IQ testing can come in handy then too. In addition, IQ testing can supplement career guidance for adults!

Personality Testing

Personality testing is useful when someone continuously runs into the same roadblocks and doesn’t understand why. These tests help one better understand their motivations, their needs, their obstacles, and so on. This type of testing can also help people understand and work through certain challenges in their relationships, with romantic partners, family members, and others. Finally, personality testing is used to diagnose personality disorders as well, including borderline and narcissistic personality disorders. If an individual is diagnosed, they can find the right help in therapy and other forms of treatment.

Achievement Testing

Achievement testing is another service offered here at Thriveworks in Winston-Salem, which is designed to measure one’s skills and knowledge. These assessments are typically given to children and their scores are compared with those of other children in the same grade level. Achievement testing can help to determine what grade level the child functions at, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and also assess the possibility of learning disorders or developmental delays.

Differential Diagnosis

Differential diagnosis looks at multiple disorders that might be the cause of one’s symptoms. This type of testing can help one better understand what their diagnosis is and in turn understand what form of treatment they need. Differential diagnosis assessments come in handy, as there are many mental illnesses that share the same symptoms, such as anxiety and depression.

Pre-Surgical Evaluations

Pre-surgical psychological evaluations are designed to ensure that patients are mentally prepared for surgery. Often, insurance requires these pre-surgical assessments. In addition, this type of testing will give the doctor important information about your mental preparedness, which can inform recovery post-surgery, too.

Schedule Psychological Testing at Thriveworks Counseling in Winston-Salem, NC

If you’re interested in pursuing any of the tests that we’ve described above, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Thriveworks. Our Winston-Salem, NC team is equipped to offer these psychological assessments, and we can get you all set up with a provider right away.

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