Substance Abuse- Rock Hill, SC – Addictions Counselors and Therapist in York County

Substance Abuse- Rock Hill, SC – Addictions Counselors and Therapist in York County

We are taught to always be chasing the next high. Some people find their highs in adrenaline pumping activities, other find it in new relationships or intimacy, and some find their highs in abusing substances.

Have you ever taken a step back to wonder what exactly you’re chasing? And why? What if that high you’re chasing is detrimental to your life and health?

The substance abuse counselors in Rock Hill understand that drive for the next big hit, we’re human too! But when a night out turns into chronic use and eventually abuse, you may have crossed the line from recreational to abusive substance use. You’re the only one who can draw that line- nobody else can tell you how far is too far.

A person’s substance use is not a reflection of who they truly are, and substance abuse is not never-ending. The cycle of substance abuse can be broken, and it starts with just one step. 803-368-6499.

What are the Effects of Addiction and Substance Abuse?

The long-term effects of drugs and alcohol use are not talked about as much as they should. While substance use is an easy escape from life in the moment, it can have negative effects stretching much farther into the future.

Some of the negative effects addiction and substance abuse can have include:

  • Cravings for the drug/alcohol continue throughout day
  • Unsustainable or reckless spending patterns; financial strains
  • Painful physical reactions to withdrawal (headache, anxiety, inability to sleep or oversleeping, muscle aches)
  • Changes in social patterns or groups
  • Lying or being secretive
  • Unable to feel happy or safe without a drug or alcohol high
  • Mood changes
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Physical health problems such as cancer, heart disease, or skin disease

Substance abuse is a very real and very difficult struggle. Thriveworks Rock Hill substance abuse counselors understand the many pathways that one takes to get trapped in substance abuse, and we know that it’s not your fault.

The truth is that no matter your past decisions or current drug use, you are still a complete person who is worthy of a future you are excited about. You are not weak or broken for abusing drugs or alcohol; they do not reflect your merits as a person.

Healing is something that is completely in your control. You are the only one who can take that first step and continue down the path of healing and away from substance abuse and addiction. Rock Hill addictions counselors will be here to walk by you every step of the way.

What does Substance Abuse Counseling Look Like?

Addiction and substance abuse are just one tiny part of you. You are a mosaic of all your passions, goals, past, dreams, behaviors, loved ones, regrets, and cherished memories. The substance abuse counseling in Rock Hill draws on all that you are to help you build the future of your choosing, free from the confines of substance abuse.

The individual nature of counseling means everyone’s sessions will look different, but some more common topics and practices are:

  • Addressing the root need or desire behind using drugs.
  • Identifying and building a support system.
  • Connecting to your passions, goals, and reasons for quitting drugs.
  • Finding healthy coping mechanisms or alternative behavior to drug use.
  • Working through any co-morbid anxiety, depression, anger, trauma, or other mental health concerns that might come with substance abuse.
  • Creating a future plan that excites and motivates you.

The future-you deserves the very best, and so does the current-you. Substance abuse is not the best this life can offer, but it is never too late to change. No matter where you are on your path to recovery- from just starting to think about recovery to years down the road- you deserve complete healing and freedom.

Thriveworks substance abuse counselors in Rock Hill are ready to meet you and begin walking towards a healthier, happier future. We accept most major insurance plans and offer convenient and discrete appointment times – day, evenings, and weekends. Plus, there’s no waiting list – in most cases, we can offer your first appointment in 24-48 hours.  Call today! 803-368-6499

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