Couples Counseling – Couples Therapy in Rock Hill, SC

Couples Counseling – Couples Therapy in Rock Hill, SC

Some people wait a lifetime to find “the one.” For others, it’s not that simple.  Relationships aren’t perfect.  In fact, sometimes relationships seem nearly impossible.  Even the best ones experience rough patches, and far too many come to a disappointing end, causing pain, shame, and insecurity.

But what if things could be different?  What if the storms of a relationship could be weathered? What if the brokenness could be mended?  What if there was help for the hopeless couple?

Many couples have found hope and healing through couples therapy – you can, too.  Thriveworks Couples Therapy in Rock Hill, SC helps couples put the pieces of a broken relationship back together.  We help couples address the issues that prevent them from going to the next level in their relationship.  We understand how relationship issues cause mistrust, break communication, and drive wedges between partners.  Call today to meet with a couples therapist in Rock Hill, SC. (803) 368-6499

What is the Goal of Couples Therapy?

The goals of couples therapy vary from couple-to-couple.  Common goals include improving communication and overcoming past hurts in the relationship.  Other goals include:

  • Resolving conflict
  • Establishing rules for “fighting fair”
  • Improving respect for one another
  • Developing empathy
  • Increasing commitment
  • Deepening intimacy
  • Removing threatening or harmful patterns
  • Understanding each other’s personality traits
  • Planning for the future together

In some situations, couples therapy can develop an effective and healthy plan for separation or divorce.  Thriveworks couples therapists in Rock Hill, SC can help you through this process, too.

How do Couples Prepare for Counseling?

Couples can improve their experience by preparing for couples counseling.  Sharing the same goals for therapy is a great place to start.  Being 100% invested in the process is critical, too.  Both partners must be present and engaged.  This includes making a commitment to schedule and attend regular couples therapy sessions.  Honesty is a key component of the process.  For couples therapy to be most effecting, both partners must be honest with themselves and with each other.

Couples Therapy in Rock Hill, SC

It’s time to take your relationship to the next level.  Connect with a Rock Hill Couples Therapist to learn how to overcome past hurts in your relationship.  Our licensed couples counselors can help you cultivate a deeper and more meaningful relationship.  You deserve to experience a healthy and rewarding relationship.  Whether you’re in a new dating relationship or you’ve been married for years, there’s never been a better time to invest in your relationship. If you’re looking for premarital counseling in Rock Hill or marriage counseling in Rock Hill, we can help in these areas, too.

Thriveworks Couples Therapy in Rock Hill offers convenient appointment times.  We’re available when you and your partner are available. This includes day, evening, and weekend appointment times.  We accept most major insurance, so getting couples therapy may be more affordable that you thought. Plus, we have no waitlist for couples therapy.  In many cases, you can get an appointment in 24 hours.  Take the first step toward improving in your relationship. Schedule an appointment with a Thriveworks Couples Therapist in Rock Hill, SC today. (803) 368-6499

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