Anger Management Counseling- Rock Hill, SC - Anger Therapists in York County

Anger Management Counseling- Rock Hill, SC – Anger Therapists in York County

Larry’s having a good day, a great day, even. Everything is going right, until he hits the interstate on the way to work. A bright red sports car speeds down the highway, cutting people off and almost hitting him! Larry loses it, he smashes the horn and tries to chase the sports car. For the rest of the day, he’s irritable and on edge.

Megan woke up this morning on edge. Her mood is not helped by the mess her wife left after making breakfast. Megan takes deep, soothing breaths and tries to get her irritability under control. She smiles thinly at her wife before storming out. Inside the safety of her car, she leans her head against the steering wheel. Why do all the little things get to her like that?

David has had enough of everyone’s stupidity, and he lets them know it. But instead of yelling and storming into his workplace, he slyly puts his coworkers down with passive-aggressive remarks. It usually goes unnoticed, but today his boss calls him into the office for a talk about his behavior. Outraged, David quits on the spot.

All the above examples depict a lack of anger management. Anger itself is not a bad thing! It is a part of our neurology for a reason, after all, and can be crucial to survival at times. But if we don’t learn to manage anger in every day, it can take control of our life and steer us down paths we would rather not go.

Thriveworks anger management counselors in Rock Hill, SC understand the many nuances of anger. It is not a simple lack of self-control that lets anger rage, but layers of behavioral and emotional factors. It might seem overwhelming to confront your anger head-on, but a Rock Hill anger management counselor is here to walk with you through every step. 803-368-6499

When Might my Anger be Out of Control?

Only you can answer that question, but we have some measures that might help you answer it. There’s a lot of stereotypes around people who struggle with anger. You might have internalized some of those lies, believing that you are just a “bad” or “weak” person.

You aren’t. Just like how some people struggle with anxiety, anger is a natural human emotion. Anger management is needed when anger is applied to unnecessary situations or with unnecessary strength.

Rock Hill anger therapy always keeps the focus on you, so however your anger is affecting your life, we can meet you where you’re at and work to make positive changes. It won’t happen overnight, but with the right guidance and support, you can live a life free from the all-consuming nature of anger.

Anger management counseling might be right for you if you are experiencing:

  • Relationship issues
  • Difficulties coming to an agreement or compromise
  • Isolation
  • Self-harm, a common symptom of internal anger
  • Difficulty working with other people
  • Frequent clashes at work (of any manner)
  • Problems expressing emotions in healthy ways
  • Feeling unheard or unable to express desires; unsatisfied
  • Frequent aggressive swearing, yelling, or violent actions
  • Substance abuse or addiction
  • Anxiety, depression, insomnia, or changes in weight and eating are common symptoms of an anger management problem

This list is far from complete. At the end of the day, if your personal mental, emotional, or physical health are not where you want them to be, talking to a Rock Hill therapist can help. Anger can have effects that stretch far beyond the emotional. It can start negatively impacting your relationships, career path, and basic satisfaction. If you think you or someone you love is having trouble managing their anger, reach out to Rock Hill anger management today.

How Does Anger Management Therapy Work?

Anger management at Rock Hill, SC is always individualized to your desires, needs, and goals. One session will look differently for every person. But there are some things that most anger management will have in common. In general, anger management will answer the questions:

  • What triggers my anger?
  • What are the physical or internal signs my anger is getting out of control?
  • What coping mechanisms work for me?
  • How can I hold myself accountable (or who can help me do so)?
  • What steps can I take after getting angry to return to a healthy state of mind?
  • Are there any deep-rooted behaviors, thought patterns, or events that are causing my anger?

Anger can feel all-consuming, and the aftermath can be exhausting. Although it may seem like anger is letting you break free from the restraints of the world, it is simply putting you in a different set of confines that are destructive to your health and future. You deserve to live a life free from the confines of anger.

There’s never been a better time to begin anger therapy in Rock Hill.  We have convenient appointment times – day, evening, and weekend appointments.  We accept most major insurance plans, so getting anger management help may be more affordable that you thought. Plus, there’s never a waiting list – we can schedule most first appointments in 24-48 hours.

Call today to get started on your journey towards a happier, healthier tomorrow. 803-368-6499

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