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Online counseling offers convenience, comfort, and safety. If you’re interested in working with a counselor or therapist but you aren’t able to make it to the office for your appointment, consider working with a counselor over the phone or on video chat. All this requires is access to a phone, computer, or another device that allows you to answer a phone call or attend a videoconference.

Thriveworks Rock Hill, SC has online counselors who are eager to help you today. Our team understands that you might be struggling with difficult feelings right now, from anxiety to fear, loneliness. These feelings might stem from unemployment, relationship difficulties, a lack of fulfillment, or another challenge. Whatever it is, your Thriveworks Rock Hill counselor can step in and help you navigate. These professionals have the skills, the tools, and the experience to make a difference in your life. To schedule your first online counseling session, just call (803) 368-6499.

How Does Online Counseling Work?

Online counseling is a great option for many, especially those looking for the most convenient counseling service. Online counseling enables you to work with your provider from home, which means you don’t have to worry about a long drive, standstill traffic, bad weather, or other unfavorable conditions. Instead, you simply need to carve out a little bit of time to meet with your counselor over the phone or video. Here’s how it works:

  • Phone Counseling: If you choose this option, you’ll answer your counselor’s call at the time of your session. Yes, it’s that easy. Just make sure you have access to your phone and phone service at the agreed upon time.
  • Video counseling: If you decide to do video counseling instead, you’ll just click the link provided to you at the time of your session. You can do this on your phone, computer, or another device that connects to the internet! If you’d like face-to-face interaction, video counseling might be the right online counseling option for you.

Both phone counseling and video counseling prove to be beneficial, especially to those who can’t leave the house for an in-person appointment as well as those who would rather attend their sessions from home. Either way, Thriveworks Rock Hill is happy to have you.

What Are the Benefits of Online Counseling?

Online counseling reaps many benefits. As we’ve mentioned a few times, online counseling offers convenience. Some people can’t make it to the local therapy office for an appointment—but online counseling enables them to attain the mental health services they’re looking for. This is perhaps the biggest factor that people consider when they weigh their counseling options. And often, they find that online counseling is the right option for them.

Additionally, online therapy is comfortable. You can truly attend your phone or video counseling session from bed, from your living room, from your kitchen counter—wherever you feel comfortable. You might also find that working with a counselor online makes you feel more comfortable mentally and emotionally. Some people feel more comfortable opening up to their counselor over the phone or video and do so confidently in online counseling. This leads to even greater results than in-person counseling would for these individuals. Additionally, online counseling offers affordability, security, and more. To experience these benefits for yourself, reach out to Thriveworks Rock Hill online counseling to schedule your appointment or hear more about our services.

Work with an Online Counselor at Thriveworks Rock Hill, SC

If you’re struggling with anxiety, loneliness, lack of success or fulfillment, the online counselors at Thriveworks Rock Hill, SC can help. They can help you manage other difficult feelings and challenges too. Whatever it is, you can trust that your counselor will work to understand what you’re going through and then create a personalized treatment plan, which will address your unique needs.

Our online counselors are excited for the chance to help you. They are fully prepared to help you over the phone or video—all you have to do is schedule your appointment. You can reach Thriveworks Rock Hill, SC at (803) 368-6499. Our team will get you scheduled with an online counselor or therapist right away.

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