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The developmental causes of depression and anxiety are, broadly speaking, linked to family history, genetics and traumatic life events. Having a family history and, therefore, a genetic predisposition towards depression and anxiety disorders renders an individual far more likely to suffer from them at some point of his or her life. Whilst it does not guarantee that the individual will develop any of these conditions, it makes it more probable that traumatic life events and experiences will trigger the disorders.

Common trigger events could include losing a job, experiencing abuse as a child, getting a divorce or a period of intense stress. These triggers may cause a number of changes in ones’ body that can lead to depression and anxiety disorders. Scientists do not have a full understanding of the biological changes that occur, but research suggests that these seem to be linked to variations in the chemical balance and structure of the brain.

The Diagnosis Of Depression and Anxiety

The diagnosis of depression and anxiety by a doctor takes the form of a series of guided probing questions to identify the key symptoms in an individual. Once the symptoms have been identified, the doctor will then seek to provide the most appropriate diagnosis. There are unfortunately no simple blood tests or physical examinations that can identify these disorders in an easy and straightforward manner. The patient can be in perfect physical health and yet be suffering from complex mental problems.

The Treatment Of Depression and Anxiety

Now that the doctor has diagnosed the patient, he or she will set about creating a treatment plan. Frequently, lifestyle interventions are recommended, such as increased levels of exercise, as these can be effective methods of controlling the symptoms. Medications such as anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs are also commonly prescribed, however, these can rarely put the patient into full remission.

It is also universally recommended that the patient attends talk-based therapy sessions, such as those provided by Thriveworks Orlando. An expert counselor will guide the sufferer through a particular method of therapy, designing a treatment plan based upon finding and managing the root cause of his or her disorder.

Here at Thriveworks Orlando we focus not only on enabling our patients to effectively manage the symptoms of their problem, but we also help them deal with the root cause, therefore making a lasting remission possible for many. Get in touch now to arrange your first introductory session.

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