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Many people who live with anxiety feel embarrassed or ashamed. They feel that seeking help for anxiety is a weakness. The truth is that it takes strength to ask for help – and many people do. Anxiety is one of the most common reasons people start working with a counselor. You really can reduce or eliminate the symptoms of anxiety – and Orlando anxiety counseling can help.

We understand what your anxiety is like

When a person hasn’t had anxiety in their life they often think that it’s simply feeling nervous or scared. Those who deal with chronic anxiety know that it’s much more serious and can affect virtually every aspect of your life: eating habits, work or school, sleep, and relationships. People who experience chronic anxiety often feel that they have no control over their lives.

Come to understand the reasons for your anxiety

Sometimes there’s an underlying cause for anxiety – usually trauma. You may not realize that something that happened years ago is still having a negative impact on you. Orlando anxiety therapy can help you uncover these issues in a safe, secure place where you can finally work through these traumas.

Medications can help but they can’t fix the problem

In a perfect world, you’d simply take a pill and your anxiety would disappear. The reality is that though anxiety medications may be able to help you with the symptoms of anxiety, they can’t help with the root cause. We can help you get past your feelings forever – not just as long as you’re on medication.

Find the solution that will work for you

If treating anxiety was the same for everyone, then there’d be no need for counselors – you could simply talk to your general practitioner and get a medical treatment plan. The truth is that everyone comes to these issues from a different place. The right way out of anxiety is different for everyone. At Thriveworks Orlando Counseling & Coaching we don’t treat you like just another client. We treat as the individual you are and give you the tools you need to move forward.

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