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It is estimated that between 40% and 50% of all marriages in the USA end in divorce. Couples or marriage counseling is often the right route for those who wish to avoid this scenario or would prefer to end their relationship amicably. The truth is that very few relationships function conflict-free and many married couples will encounter problems such as infidelity, sexual dissatisfaction, dysfunctional communication or an inability to reconcile their goals and values.

An ongoing and persistent conflict within a marriage can not only affect one’s happiness, but may also have a negative impact on one’s health. Although many people will instinctively choose to try and resolve their problems alone, professional help in the form of couples or marriage counseling can often prove advantageous for both partners. Many couples find that conflict resolution is easier to achieve under the guidance of a counselor who has no connection and no preconceived ideas about their relationship. Couples or marriage counseling allows them to gain some perspective and become better communicators.

What is Marriage Counseling?

Couples or marriage counseling is a form of psychotherapy designed to help people involved in an intimate relationship improve their communication with each other and resolve their conflicts. Couples and marriage counseling sessions are typically designed for both partners to attend, although in some cases only one partner may choose to do so in isolation. Most therapists will focus on teaching the participants how to stay calm, become better listeners, negotiate with each other in a constructive manner and avoid conflict escalation. It is important to recognize that couples and marriage therapy won’t offer simple solutions: a counselor is not there to tell partners what to do. The aim of therapy is to educate and allow the couple to reach suitable conclusions on their own.

When To Seek Professional Help?

Many people will perceive couples or marriage counseling as a last resort scenario to save their relationship. The truth is that this type of therapy is often chosen by couples who simply want to keep their relationships healthy, work through any issues that could escalate into serious conflicts in the future or even to prepare themselves for upcoming marriage. Whether you are in a troubled relationship or looking to develop an even stronger bond with your partner, couples or marriage counseling might be the right option for you.

At Thriveworks Orlando our professional couples and marriage counselors offer support to people at various stages of their relationships and with very different problems. Thanks to our extensive experience we understand how to best help our clients – we tailor our couples and marriage counseling sessions to the individual needs of every couple. So please, reach out to us now to arrange your first couples/marriage counseling session.

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