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When someone mentions the term ‘addiction’ what are your first thoughts? The majority of people will automatically think about dependencies on alcohol, heroin or other hard drugs. Whilst these are some common and particularly dangerous addictions, they are by no means the only forms of the condition. Addictions can arise to a diverse array of substances and behaviors, ranging from heroin, cigarettes to work or sexual intercourse. This surprising diversity, combined with the complex treatment process, means that professional addiction therapy is almost always recommended for addicts who are looking to quit.

There are two commonly known forms of addiction – psychological and physical. Physical addictions occur when a physiological dependency on a particular substance develops, in which case one’s body becomes so used to the drug or other product that when it is removed serious withdrawal symptoms may occur. A psychological addiction, on the other hand, is primarily defined by an incessant drive to pursue an addictive behavior, irrespective of whether a physical dependency exists or not. Whilst these two aspects may develop hand in hand, psychological addictions frequently develop to substances or activities that do not cause physical dependencies. Regardless of the specific subtype, addictions are characterized by a person’s incapability to control the usage, taking or doing of a particular drug/product or behavior.

Treating Addiction

Treatment of addiction can be a long and hard road. Once an addict has overcome a physical dependency, he or she will have to go through a process of mental rehabilitation to prevent relapsing back into the old habits. During this process it is almost always recommended that the addict undertakes some form of addiction counseling.

The aim of addiction counseling is to provide addicts with support throughout this process and teach them the mental tools and mechanisms that may allow them to recognize and avoid the environmental factors that could trigger their addictions.

Thriveworks Orlando recognizes that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to addiction therapy. Individual needs have to be taken into account, as a result, our expert counselors work with every individual to develop the best treatment. Why not reach out to us now and arrange a session with one of our expert addiction counselors.

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