Therapy for Anxiety in New Haven, CT—Counselors and Therapists

Therapy for Anxiety in New Haven, CT—Counselors and Therapists  

Most people will experience feelings of anxiety at some point in their lives. It could be from having to present at work, waiting to hear if you were accepted into a program, meeting someone new, or moving to a new city. Fortunately, anxiety often passes after the event is gone. That’s not always the case for some people, though. Anxiety can present itself regularly, even on a daily basis for some people. It can be hard to live with especially when you are in a constant state of worry or fear. That doesn’t mean that it has to be this way. You can find relief from crippling or constant anxiety by speaking with a licensed anxiety therapist.

I just give myself permission to suck… I find this hugely liberating. –John Green

Like this quote from John Green, sometimes you just have to allow yourself to fail, be late, stumble on your words, miss a deadline. At the end of the day, your health and wellbeing is the most important thing to worry about. Life moves on, people forgive and forget. Instead of allowing anxiety to control your life, consider working with an anxiety therapist at Thriveworks Counseling in New Haven, CT. At our location, we have a team of counselors who have the extensive education and training needed to help you cope with and overcome the thoughts and feelings that keep you from living your best life.

How Do I Know If I Have Anxiety?

You might think you just worry a lot. But when does worrying turn into anxiety? At what point does it become too much? Consider the following situations as examples of anxiety:

  • Feeling worried and nervous almost the entire day, even if there isn’t something to worry about
  • Avoiding social situations and isolating yourself
  • An internal dialogue that focuses on your fears and insecurities
  • You feel so overwhelmed that you can’t get anything done, in turn making your anxiety worse

Can you relate to any of these feelings? You might be experiencing anxiety. “While each individual person presents with varying symptoms as well as intensity of those symptoms, there are symptoms of anxiety one can look for,” explains Jessica Spar, Licensed Professional Counselor for Thriveworks in New Haven and West Hartford.

  • Restlessness
  • Trouble focusing
  • Sleep problems
  • Fatigue
  • Sweating
  • Irritability
  • Excessive worry
  • Mood swings
  • Racing or unwanted thoughts
  • Lack of or increased appetite
  • Indecisiveness

These symptoms can be harmful to your mental health on their own, but when combined it can be really hard to overcome. If you feel anxious on a daily basis, or even in certain situations, you could benefit from speaking with a professional. Working with a counselor could help you learn how to overcome these concerns and work towards living a happier life!

What Can I Expect from Anxiety Counseling at Thriveworks?

By working with one of our licensed therapists, you can expect to make meaningful progress in your daily life. You will discuss your goals and challenges to help your therapist better craft a plan of care that is unique to you. In doing so, you can be diagnosed with a specific type of anxiety. Knowing what that is, and how it affects you, helps you learn to cope with triggers and stressors. Some of the types of anxiety are:

  1. Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD): GAD involves the feelings of anxiety and worry that last for months on end. This disorder can cause you to feel irritable, restless, and fatigued.
  2. Panic Disorder: This type of anxiety is based on panic attacks. People feel like they are experiencing a heart attack during their panic attacks and they can happen without warning.
  3. Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD): SAD is anxiety brought on in social situations. This may cause you to feel nervous, embarrassed, and even judged even if people they are interacting with are friendly and caring.
  4. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): When someone goes through a traumatic event, it could cause them to suffer from PTSD. This is experienced by nightmares, intrusive memories, and flashbacks. Different triggers could bring upon PTSD and other times it can be at random.

No matter the type of anxiety you have, our anxiety therapists have the tools and experience to help you learn how to cope with your triggers and give you the knowledge to move forward and tackle your anxiety head-on. “Therapy can help you uncover the underlying causes of your anxiety, learn how to relax, look at situations in new, less frightening ways, as well as develop better coping and problem-solving skills,” says Spar.

There are a lot of paths you can take with your counselor. Although results aren’t guaranteed, every clinician works their absolute hardest to help you live a happier and fuller life. Most clients do see significant improvements in their emotions and see therapy as an essential tool in coping with anxiety.

Schedule an Appointment with an Anxiety Therapist at Thriveworks Counseling in New Haven, CT

If you are ready to tackle your anxiety and think you can benefit from working with a therapist, reach out to Thriveworks Counseling in New Haven, CT. Our team of therapists is ready with open arms to help you tackle the challenges you have.

To schedule an appointment, you can go to our online booking portal or call (203) 586-4264 to be connected with a scheduling specialist. We offer online counseling in addition to our in-person sessions. Online counseling gives you the flexibility of speaking with your counselor wherever you are!

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Cristina rocks!

I started seeing Cristina after I suffered a tremendous loss. She has been a light in my healing journey and I feel so lucky to have connected with her. I cannot recommend her enough and know that anyone who has the fortune of receiving her care is in great hands!!
Thriveworks Counseling New Haven

Thriveworks new haven

Cristina Perera is helping me in many ways to get out of my fears and insecurities in my life! I really will live appreciating her as a great therapist!!!
Thriveworks Counseling New Haven

Christina Perera

Christina is one amazing counsler. She has helped tremendously with my marriage and business relationships.
Thriveworks Counseling New Haven

Prompt and Meaningful Service Providers.

Overall, my experience with Thriveworks has been fantastic. My wife and both sought counseling after having some tough times, and Thriveworks quickly connected us with therapists that have had a positive impact on our lives. The continuing support has been invaluable. Getting insurance and payment info processed is also smooth and efficient. I would definitely recommend the service to anyone looking for help.
Thriveworks Counseling New Haven

Christina Pereira

My husband and I have been attending marriage counseling for a few months now and Christina has been great. She is so down to earth and really tries to understand us as a couple and individuals. Her style is unique and very hard to find.
Thriveworks Counseling New Haven

Wonderful-Caring -Compassionate – Competent

I’ve been in and out of therapy most of my life. I’ve worked with many different providers in people and doctors, and I have to say that I have found my match. Finally, after all these years, wonderful can’t say enough good things will continue to use the service for many years to come, or at least until I figure out all my own stuff.
Thriveworks Counseling New Haven

Best listener

Christina has been a blessing. She has a way of listening that helps you come to an understanding of the current situation on your own and doesn't push anything on you.
Thriveworks Counseling New Haven

Review title

Carolnette Graham is a friend and a confidant and also one of the therapist at Thrive Counseling New Haven. She is a great listener, thoughtful, empathic, kind hearted, compassionate, sweet and warm. She gives some of the best advice. A2qfter a talk with her you will see immediate improvement in your situation because of how she takes her time to let you talk and then help you to figure out how you feel about the situation and what leads to you feeling that way. She is also friendly and full of energy. She is indeed a nice and helpful individual.
Thriveworks Counseling New Haven

Couples Counseling

Just two sessions in and Cristina Perera has helped so much and has opened things into a different perspective for me and my partner through our relationship! Just a great vibe and great conversationalist that has helped us understand the things that are between me and my partner
Thriveworks Counseling New Haven

Peer Review

Courtney is an exceptional worker. I have worked with Courtney for a year and she is a great Clinician. She has excellent clinical skills and has patient with her clients. Courtney is a great asset to any team that she joins.
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