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Are you and your partner struggling to connect or communicate? Do you find that most of your time together lately is spent arguing or disagreeing? Or, do you believe that there is room for improvement in your relationship? Consider working with a couples therapist at Thriveworks Milford in New Haven.

We can set you up with a skilled, caring provider who specializes in helping couples work through the problems that plague their relationship as well as improve their overall strength and happiness. If you and your partner are interested in the value you could find in couples therapy, reach out to Thriveworks Milford in New Haven today. Give us a call at (203) 951-3871. We can’t wait to get started!

What Is Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy is aimed at helping couples fix problems or improve their relationship. These couples might be married, recently engaged, or newly dating; they might have serious issues that threaten the current state of their relationship or be interested in learning how to resolve future conflicts. Couples therapy is led by therapists with specific experience working with couples, such as a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT).

If you decide to work with a couples therapist at Thriveworks Milford, your therapist will design your experience based on your relationship needs and goals. After understanding what you and your partner are looking to get out of therapy, they might decide to use emotionally focused couples therapy, couples therapy worksheets, and other couples therapy exercises. Let’s delve into each:

  1. Emotionally focused couples therapy incorporates elements of experiential therapy, attachment theory, and systemic therapy. This approach to therapy focuses on poor communication habits and love as an “attachment bond.” In other words, love is a safe space that provides one with comfort and security. Attachment theory gives the therapist a road map for what each individual needs.
  2. Couples therapy worksheets are sometimes used to supplement couples therapy and can help couples solidify their bond. An example of a couples therapy worksheet is an “About Your Partner” worksheet. This walks each partner through several questions like: What activities are on your partner’s bucket list? Where does your partner love to vacation? What does your partner dislike about their job or career? How has your partner felt today? Asking and answering these questions on a couples therapy worksheet can enable couples to feel closer and identify potential problem areas in their relationship.
  3. Other couples therapy exercises are often incorporated into couples therapy as well. For example, your therapist might focus on helping you and your partner to work through specific issues like jealousy or financial strain. They might also help you to come up with change-oriented interventions for your relationship.

Who Should Receive Couples Therapy?

The real question is who shouldn’t receive couples therapy! Here at Thriveworks Milford in New Haven, we believe that everyone can benefit from working with a therapist or counselor. And just as we can benefit from working on our personal health and growth with a professional, we can benefit from working on our relationship health and growth with a professional too.

The bottom line is that if you and your partner believe you can benefit from working with a couples therapist, couples therapy can prove valuable. Your therapist will structure therapy around your relationship’s needs and goals, For example, couples therapy might help you and your partner to resolve or manage the following issues:

  • Jealousy
  • Lack of trust
  • Financial strain
  • Infidelity
  • Opposing values
  • Parenting disagreements

This is just the short list. What you need to remember is that every couple faces their share of problems. As long as you stay determined to work through them together, your relationship has a bright future. Consider working with a couples therapist at Thriveworks Milford in New Haven to continue to build your relationship’s health and happiness.

Work with a Couples Therapist at Thriveworks Milford in New Haven

If or when you are ready to schedule your first couples therapy appointment, reach out to Thriveworks Milford in New Haven. We can set you up with a skilled, caring couples therapist who can help you work through the problems in your relationship or strengthen your relationship altogether.

Set up an appointment today by calling (203) 951-3871. The process is simple: You’ll answer a few basic questions about what service you’re looking to receive, and then a scheduling specialist will help you set up an appointment on a day and time that works for both you and your partner. We offer extended hours including evenings and weekends to best ensure that couples can find a manageable time to come in and meet with us.

Schedule an appointment whenever you are ready! We look forward to meeting and working with you soon.

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