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Divorce Counseling in Milford, CT—New Haven Therapy for Divorce Help and Support

Marriage counseling is meant to help couples work through the relationship issues that are bringing them down, such as infidelity, jealousy, or lack of intimacy. Sometimes, though, couples decide that it’s time to end the relationship and that they’re better off without each other. This is when divorce counseling can be super helpful, as it is designed to help people through every stage of the divorce process. For example, divorce counselors can help their clients process their sadness, anger, regret and other difficult emotions; it can also help them to make important decisions about their separation, such as who will remain in the house.

“Divorce is in the machine now, like love and birth and death. Its possibility informs us, even when it goes untouched. And if we fail at marriage, we are lucky we don’t have to fail with the force of our whole life.” –Ann Patchett

Divorce counselors will walk with you through this difficult stage of life and help you set yourself up for a bright, happy future post-divorce. If you are in New Haven or Coastal Connecticut, you can receive assistance and support from the divorce counselors at Thriveworks Milford, CT. These mental health professionals specialize in helping people during their divorce. They’ve helped many individuals say goodbye to one era of life and hello to another. If you’re interested in divorce help and support, schedule a divorce counseling appointment today at Thriveworks Milford. Give us a quick call at (203) 951-3871.

How Can Divorce Counseling Help Me? How Does Divorce Counseling Work?

Regardless of the terms that you and your ex are on, the divorce process will likely bring out a lot of emotions. These emotions include sadness, anger, confusion, regret, and more. Here’s how a divorce counselor at Thriveworks Milford can help you through each emotion:

  1. Sadness: Ending a relationship is a form of loss. This means that you’ll likely feel sad about the end of your marriage, even if you know it’s for the best. Your divorce counseling will support you as you process your sadness.
  2. Anger: Many people also feel angry at some point during the divorce process. They might feel angry at their ex for initiating the separation or they might feel angry at themselves for not putting the right amount of time into their relationship. Either way, a divorce counselor can help you explore the root of your anger and work through it.
  3. Regret: You might also feel regretful when you look back at your relationship. You might see instances where you made a mistake or could have put more effort in to resolve a problem. This can lead to your feeling guilty or regretful. Your divorce counselor will help you resolve these emotions and focus on the present as well as the future.

At the end of this tunnel of emotions is a bright light; that bright light is closure. Your divorce counselor at Thriveworks Milford will help you find the acceptance and closure you need to move forward after your divorce is all said and done. So, if you are in the New Haven or Coastal Connecticut area, schedule an appointment now at Thriveworks Milford.

Work with a Divorce Counselor at Thriveworks Milford, CT in New Haven

Divorce is often a painful, strenuous process—even for those who have mutually decided to separate. This isn’t just a separation, it’s the start to a whole new life. And while this can come with all of the painful emotions from sadness to anger, confusion, and disappointment, it can be the start of something great. Looking on the bright side and kicking off the rest of your life on the right foot can be challenging. But you can find greater success in accomplishing this mission by working with a divorce counselor whose job is to guide and support those going through divorce.

If you are in New Haven or Coastal Connecticut, you can find the divorce help and support you need here at Thriveworks Milford. Our providers have the skills, training, and experience you want in your healthcare providers. One of the best parts is that they can help you as soon as tomorrow. These professionals prioritize your health and wellbeing; for that reason, they offer next-day appointments and have evening as well as weekend availability. They want to fit into your schedule with ease.

If you’re ready to start the rest of your life on the right foot, reach out to Thriveworks Milford. You can schedule your first appointment right now, just call (203) 951-3871.

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