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Online Therapy Counseling in Milford, CT—Online Therapists in New Haven

If you are looking for New Haven therapy or therapy in Milford, CT, you have come to the right place. Thriveworks Milford offers a wide range of mental health services, including the less traditional, yet widely popular online therapy. Many individuals in the New Haven area have found that online therapy counseling is the most convenient option for them, as it is easy to fit it into their already demanding schedule. To book your first online therapy appointment or hear more about the services offered at Thriveworks Milford, just give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you.

Scheduling an online therapy appointment at Thriveworks Milford in New Haven is easy. All you have to do is call our scheduling specialists at (203) 951-3871 and they will help you set up an appointment as soon as tomorrow! We have next-day appointments available and we are ready to help you. The Thriveworks team in New Haven is determined to help all of our clients right away and we can’t wait to hear from you.

New Haven Therapy: What Is Online Therapy Like? What Are My Options?

Online therapy counseling is just like in-person therapy, except it is conducted over the phone or internet. You can choose to work with your online therapist or internet therapist via phone call, video chat, or email. The online therapists at Thriveworks are full licensed, in addition to skilled, knowledgeable providers who are eager to help you, regardless of which option you choose:

  1. Online therapy via phone call: Online therapy via phone call is simple. You agree on a set day and time to work with your therapist and then they will call you to get to work during your (commonly) 60-minute or 90-minute session!
  2. Online therapy via video session: Online therapy via video chat is just like online therapy via phone call. You agree on a set day and time to work with your therapist and then join them in the chat room for your session.
  3. Email or chat therapy: This third option is a little different. Instead of picking a specific time frame to chat with your therapist, you will email or chat with them over an extended period of time. This is much like emailing or instant messaging anyone else!

Many find that online therapy is the right option for them, due to its convenience. If you struggle to make it to appointments due to your busy schedule, online therapy counseling might be right for you.

Work with an Online Therapist: What Are the Benefits?

If you are unfamiliar with online therapy, you might be curious as to the benefits of this less conventional therapy approach. Here are a couple of main reasons why people choose to work with online therapists versus in-person therapists:

  • The convenience: It’s hard to pass up the convenience of online counseling therapy. Working with online therapists is convenient, as you can attend your session from anywhere you please, and therefore, easily fit it into your busy schedule. You’ll just need to ensure that you have phone or internet access!
  • The comfortability: Many people also love the comfort that online counseling therapy offers. As we just touched on, you can attend your session from anywhere you please, even the comfort of your couch or bed! In addition, many people feel more comfortable talking with a therapist about their problems via a medium, rather than face-to-face.

If these benefits sound like something you’re interested in, reach out to Thriveworks Milford in New Haven, CT today. We have next-day appointments available.

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Are you interested in working with a therapist, counselor, or life coach, to find greater health, happiness, or success in your life? Schedule an online therapy appointment today at Thriveworks Milford in New Haven. Or, if you’re interested in our in-person therapy options, we have those available, too. Just give us a call to tell us a little bit about your interests and needs and we will get you all set up. You can reach us at (203) 951-3871. You can also book your first appointment online here.

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