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Nowadays, people aren’t just interested in the traditional approaches to therapy. People aren’t just scheduling cognitive behavioral therapy or searching for a psychologist. Instead, they’re looking for holistic counselors who can provide treatment that considers one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual beings. Holistic counseling is a research-backed approach to therapy that uses various techniques to help clients heal psychologically and physically.

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.” –Plutarch

As with many other types of therapy and counseling, holistic counseling often varies greatly from one client to the next, as it is designed with the individual’s specific needs, goals, and interests in mind. For example, one might engage in yoga therapy and mindful meditation, while another individual might engage in walking therapy or hypnosis to achieve their desired results. Whatever the case, a holistic counselor at Thriveworks in Milford, CT can help you heal your entire being.

If you are in New Haven or the surrounding area, consider working with a holistic counselor at Thriveworks Counseling in Milford today. We want to help you achieve the optimal living you desire through holistic counseling, which will work to align your mind, your body, and your spirit. In finding this harmony, you will live an overall happier, healthier life. To schedule your appointment, just call (860) 553-3374. Our scheduling team is happy to assist you with the quick and easy scheduling process. Just let them know when you want to come in and meet with your holistic counselor—we can offer you a next-day appointment as well as an evening or weekend session! Our holistic counselors are excited and ready to meet you.

What Is Holistic Counseling? Can It Benefit Me?

As we touched on above, holistic counseling is a form of therapy that takes one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual self into consideration. It also considers one’s specific experiences, and in turn, helps the individual find healing. This differs from traditional approaches to therapy and counseling, which focus on psychological and mental effects.

The Thriveworks holistic counselors possess the proper licensure and accreditation to conduct holistic counseling. In addition, they have an impressive skillset, tools, and experience that will further enable them to help you in holistic counseling. As we mentioned earlier, these professionals will consider many components, including physical and spiritual components:

  1. Your physical self: Your holistic counselors at Thriveworks Milford in New Haven will assess any symptoms you are exhibiting as well as the specific issue(s) at hand and consider how your physical self has been impacted. The ultimate goal here with your physical self is to create a renewed sense of physical wellbeing. Your holistic counselor might use energy healing or massage techniques to do this.
  2. Your spiritual self: Your spiritual self is also important in holistic counseling. Your holistic counselor will work from the belief that your spirit is involved in mind, body, and soul suffering as well as healing. If you have specific religious inclinations, you can tell your holistic counselor who might incorporate these into treatment.

If you’re even the slightest bit interested in holistic counseling, consider working with a holistic counselor at Thriveworks in Milford, CT. These professionals are ready to get to work.

What Practices Are Used in Holistic Counseling?

Your holistic counselor has the ability to use many different practices in your treatment. Do you have a preference?

  • Yoga therapy
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Talk therapy
  • Journaling
  • Guided imagery
  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic work
  • Energy healing

We’ve only named a few of the many practices that can supplement holistic counseling. If you are interested in exploring any of the above, holistic counseling at our office is here and ready to help you!

Schedule Holistic Counseling at Thriveworks Counseling in Milford, CT

If you’re still wondering whether holistic counseling is for you, that’s okay. We can help you explore the potential benefits of holistic counseling and other forms of therapy. To get started, all you have to do is call Thriveworks Counseling in Milford, CT at (203) 951-3871. Our scheduling specialists can help you get all set up.

The holistic counselors are ready to help you as soon as today. Just call in to schedule your appointment when you feel ready.

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