Find Therapy and Counseling for Anxiety in College Station, TX

Find Therapy and Counseling for Anxiety in College Station, TX

Erica’s sense of time is impeccable. She’s known for hardly ever being late; in many ways, she’s the epitome of a type-A personality. As an interior designer, cleanliness and structure are what she values most. Her coworkers and friends appreciate her organized, logical ways, even if she can be a bit overbearing at times. The only person who’s ever pushed back has been Erica’s sister, Marceline. Marceline and Erica had shared a flat together last year, and Erica’s tendency to dominate their living space with her excessive cleaning and organizing drove them apart. 

Marceline and Erica sat down to have coffee the other day, and both sisters were able to speak their minds. Erica was confused about why she had upset her sister, and Marceline did her best to explain. Now, having her sister explain her side of the story more clearly, Erica realizes that she often loses sight of other people’s boundaries—and that her desire for neatness might actually be a form of anxiety. 

If Erica’s situation sounds familiar to you, then perhaps you’ve noticed the damage that persistent feelings of anxiety can inflict on our personal lives. Even if you mean well, mental health conditions and disorders that affect our mood and behavior (like anxiety) are often disruptive forces that disconnect us from the people and things that we’re closest to. But if getting relief from your anxiety is something that you need or want, connecting with a provider at Thriveworks in College Station, TX is a smart choice. 

Do I Have Anxiety? Do I Need to Connect With a Thriveworks Therapist or Psychiatrist? 

Before you start to diagnose yourself with anxiety, keep in mind that the only people qualified to do that are licensed mental health professionals—like our team in College Station, TX. They can help determine what your mental issues are, and partner with you to create a personalized treatment plan. Still, even if you haven’t seen a provider yet, it is important to be able to recognize common signs or symptoms of anxiety if you’re feeling them. These include, but aren’t limited to: 

  • Racing thoughts, inability to focus on daily tasks 
  • Constant fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Constantly feeling stressed 
  • Desire to avoid social encounters 
  • Reliving traumatic experiences in dreams or flashbacks

Don’t be concerned if something that’s troubling you isn’t listed above; these are just a few of the many different issues that might manifest when someone develops anxiety. Another common source of concern for those seeking mental health services is that they might feel reservations about opening up to a professional about their personal lives, thoughts, and worries. It makes sense to feel nervous about talking with someone about these issues for the first time. However, the mental health professionals at Thriveworks in College Station, TX are here to help, not judge; they’ll use your feedback to help you manage and mitigate the symptoms of your anxiety. 

The Different Types of Anxiety

Though it might surprise some people, anxiety isn’t just one condition, but many. Anxiety is often used in psychology and psychiatry to refer to an umbrella of closely related disorders. Some of the most common that our providers help people with include: 

  • Social anxiety disorder: Social anxiety induces distress while engaging with other people. Everything from grocery runs to birthday parties can be cumbersome, fear-filled events.
  • Panic disorder: Panic disorder can cause panic attacks. These physical episodes might result in dizziness, chest pain, vertigo, and nausea. 
  • Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD): GAD causes anxiety in different scenarios, whether real or imagined. This disorder can be difficult to identify because it isn’t triggered by any single source of anxiety. 
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD): This disorder often induces irrational thought loops, or impulses to perform random physical actions in repetition. 
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): PTSD, can occur in anyone that has been through a psychologically or physically painful event. Those who suffer from it are often privy to flashbacks to traumatic events, nightmares, and antisocial behavior.

There are many different types of anxiety, and this disorder manifests differently for everyone, including among those with the same diagnosis. 

Schedule Therapy or Psychiatry for Your Anxiety Today 

There’s no need to let your anxiety hold you back from living life to the fullest. If connecting with one of our providers to get the mental health resources you need interests you, we hope you’ll contact our office in College Station, TX. When you do, you’ll be assisted by our scheduling specialists. They’re available seven days a week and can help with everything from setting up your insurance to finding the right session time.

And when you do enroll with Thriveworks, you’ll get great benefits, including: 

  • The digital edition of “Leaving Anxiety Behind” and other electronic mental health resources 
  • Evening and weekend scheduling availability
  • Same day cancellations and booking
  • Our Therapy Buddy app—a great way to measure your progress as you advance through therapy or psychiatric care 
  • Email access to your provider outside of sessions as needed 

Today could be the day that you take the first steps in your journey towards better mental health. If you’re ready to begin, call Thriveworks in College Station, TX.

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