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Sometimes, we have love-hate relationships with our family members. In other words, we love and care about them, but they also know how to push our buttons. And sometimes we enter fights or disagreements with them that affect our overall wellbeing. Or, a family members suffers individually which affects the entire family unit. In either case, family therapist was designed to help people work through their family problems and restore healthy relationships with our loved ones.

“There are no individuals in the world only fragments of families.”

–Carl Whitaker

If you believe that your family could find value in working with a family therapist, reach out to Thriveworks Baltimore Counseling. We have family therapists and counselors on staff who specialize in helping families work through a range of problems. These professionals are happy to help your family, too! To schedule a family counseling session at Thriveworks Baltimore Counseling, give us a call.

How Is Family Therapy Beneficial? Who Can It Help?

There’s a lot of blame that goes on in families who find it hard to function with any real harmony. Even though there may be someone or some people who are at the source of the upsets, things are rarely as simple as they may first seem. One thing is certain, and that is there will never be any resolve for as long as people use the blame-game as a way to point the finger. A parent might blame the kids for all the mayhem in their lives and the kids blame the parents for their unruly behavior. It’s a familiar pattern but one that leads nowhere but south.

If your family is in a never ending chaotic spiral of more-of-the-same, then you may want to look into family therapy. A qualified family therapist can and often does provide a way to heal rifts and get families back onto a more harmonious footing.

Common Family Challenges Addressed in Family Therapy

Family therapists can often identify issues that family members weren’t able to spot. The following family challenges can contribute to any disharmony in the home when left unaddressed or untreated:

  • ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
  • Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism
  • Divorce and separation affecting kids behavior
  • Dependency on alcohol or medications
  • Adolescent behaviors
  • Lack of socialization skills

It’s too easy to blame and point the finger at others, but quite often the one or ones causing the upsets are hurting and confused. It doesn’t matter to a trained family therapist who is causing the discord, other than to identify the problem. Once the root cause of the problem is recognized, the therapy is then about working on the solutions:

A family counselor can help a family in the following areas:

  • Understand one another better (better communication)
  • Point out behavioral problems and solutions in children
  • Show parents how to deal with tantrums
  • Offer solutions to problems and resource materials

Not all family needs are equal, and that means the type of therapy you receive will be contingent on the specific needs of you and your family. Call us today and see what Baltimore family therapists can do to help turn your world around for the better.

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It’s normal to run into conflicts with your family members. It’s also normal for individual issues to cause problems for the family as a whole. For example, if a family member is suffering from a mental illness, it is likely that other family members might suffer too. This goes to show just how important these relationships are as well as the health and wellbeing of each individual.

If you need help addressing a family problem—be it divorce, rebellious kids or teens, parenting issues, a mental illness, or something else entirely—consider trusting one of our family therapists to help you through it. We only partner with the best of the best mental health professionals to ensure that we offer our clients the best possible mental health care. Our family therapists have specific experience and knowledge in helping families through tough times.

When you’re ready to schedule a family therapy session, give our office a call. Our scheduling team will get you all set up.

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