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It is estimated that between 40%-50% of all marriages in America end in divorce. The reasons for divorce are diverse and specific to an individual couple’s situation – often the reasons will be irreconcilable and divorce may prove to be the only option. However, in many cases divorce stems from conflicts that can be resolved through conversation, mutual understanding and professional guidance aimed to help couples regulate their emotions. Experts who collected and analyzed data on decades’ worth of divorces identified that one of the primary reasons for divorce was the lack of reconciliation after an argument. These situations lead to a rise in persistent resentment and unhappiness in relationships.

Marriage counseling at Thriveworks Baltimore can help facilitate and promote communication required to resolve these problems and help repair a relationship. But therapists do recognize that not all relationships can be repaired and at times help to facilitate an amicable separation and reduce the damage to a family during the divorce process.

Challenges In Relationships

There are many different challenges and struggles that arise during relationships – communication problems, adultery or being sexually unsatisfied, among many others. These challenges can arise very early in a relationship and are often not dealt with. Research suggests that partners in relationships facing such challenges will not seek marriage or couples counseling until they have been unhappy for six years on average. Unfortunately, this can often lead to resentment that is severe enough to prevent full reconciliation. It is always recommended that couples seek professional marriage counseling sooner rather than later.

How Can A Counselor Help?

Marriage and couples counseling is not a simple fix that will restore and heal all of the problems within a relationship. A couples counselor will aim to educate the participants on how to regulate their feelings and respond reasonably to intense emotions. They will also teach them how to communicate their thoughts to one another, how to listen effectively and empathetically to their partner and generally develop the skills necessary to resolve conflicts early and prevent a rise of a lasting resentment. Importantly, a counselor will not provide simple solutions to a couple’s problems, but will guide the partners to working out the solutions themselves.

At Thriveworks Baltimore our professional couples and marriage counselors offer support to people at various stages of their relationships and with very different problems. Thanks to our extensive experience we understand how to best help our clients – we tailor our couples and marriage counseling sessions to the individual needs of every couple. So please, reach out to us now to arrange your first couples or marriage counseling session.

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