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Many people who deal with anxiety do everything they can to avoid situations that trigger it. This makes sense—in fact, it’s exactly the advice the brain is giving—but exploring these feelings and urges in a safe space is one of the only ways to actually address the problem and potentially say goodbye to anxiety for good. Thriveworks Baltimore Counseling can help you accomplish this mission in anxiety therapy.

“You don’t have to control your thoughts.

You just have to stop letting them control you.”

–Dan Millman

If you’re struggling with anxiety, consider scheduling an anxiety therapy appointment at Thriveworks Baltimore Counseling. We can set you up with an anxiety therapist with the right knowledge, skillset, and experience to help you.

What Are Anxiety Signs and Symptoms?

There are different signs and symptoms of anxiety. That said, from a general standpoint, someone with an anxiety disorder experiences racing thoughts or excessive worry. In addition, they might exhibit the following:

  • Hypervigilance
  • Restlessness
  • Lack of focus
  • Fatigue
  • Excessive worry
  • Insomnia
  • Palpitations
  • Trembling
  • Sweating

If you are experiencing anxiety symptoms and think that you might have an anxiety disorder, it’s important that you speak to a mental health professional. An anxiety therapist or counselor at Thriveworks Baltimore Counseling can assist you in many different ways, as you learn to manage your anxiety. First, they can help you explore any potential causes (which we’ll get to later). They can also help you better cope with each specific symptom that you are exhibiting. The end goal, though, is to help you live a happy, successful life. And anything that might be getting in your way of that, your therapist will work to address.

Common Causes of Anxiety: What’s Yours? How Can Therapy Help?

Some clients don’t need any help discovering where their anxiety stems from. They may have lived a relatively anxiety-free existence until a particularly traumatizing event took place. It could be a physical or sexual assault, the death of a loved one or something else entirely. If you already know where your anxiety comes from then you can discuss options with your counselor to address the cause. Your anxiety therapist can work with you to find the right way through it.

Now, if you don’t know where your anxiety stems from, an anxiety therapist can still help you. When you go to anxiety therapy at Thriveworks Baltimore Counseling, your therapist can help you to dig into your past and other potential contributing factors. In some cases, the treatment is the same no matter what the cause. Regardless of your current situation, you can count on your counselor to take your needs and concerns into consideration.

Schedule Anxiety Therapy at Thriveworks Baltimore Counseling

It’s common to be afraid to seek help because you don’t know what to expect. It is one of the great ironies of anxiety issues: anxiety about getting help can prevent you from improving your anxiety. When you work with a therapist at Thriveworks Baltimore Counseling, you can count on us to take the time to understand your unique needs. We won’t push you. We won’t judge you. We will listen to you, get to know you, and work with you to come up with a plan for moving forward that makes sense.

If you are ready to schedule an anxiety therapy session, give our office a call. We strive to offer premium mental health care as well as excellent customer service. In addition, we offer our clients membership benefits that include:

  • Quick, flexible scheduling options: In addition to normal daytime appointments, many of our counselors are also available to help you in the evenings and on the weekends.
  • Online counseling opportunities: Also, in addition to in-person counseling, Thriveworks Baltimore Counseling has online counseling available too! Our counselors can work with you over the phone or video.
  • Innovative technologies: Also, we offer clients innovative technologies such as exclusive video access, free eBooks, and more.

We strive to offer our clients the best experience from start to finish. If you think that you could find value in working with one of our anxiety therapists, pick up the phone and call our office. We’re here to help!

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Candace Pearson

Candace is a supportive, caring, insightful therapist who truly listens!
Thriveworks Counseling Baltimore

Someone who understands

In these tense and uncertain times, it’s really helpful to be able to talk to someone who I know shares similar experiences, can understand where I’m coming from, and can help me understand how to do the best I can to improve myself in my circumstances. Tia is a great listener with a gentle, calming demeanor. She knows how to laugh and how to really listen. She’s really helped me through some tough times and encouraged me throughout. Don’t know what I’d do without her!
Thriveworks Counseling Baltimore

Great Therapist

Had a great experience. Would come back again.
Thriveworks Counseling Baltimore

Emotionally Safe Place

Sharlene Sylvester is a supportive therapist that is passionate about mental health. She is professional, ensures patient confidentiality, and complies with HIPPA laws. She provides a safe place to process emotions and not feel judged.
Thriveworks Counseling Baltimore

Great Service

I recommend Sharlene Sylvester for your therapy needs. After searching for just the right fit, Sharlene checked all the boxes including making me feel heard and comfortable.
Thriveworks Counseling Baltimore

Amazing Company

Sharlene Sylvester is a great therapist. I recommend her highly. She is supportive and knowledgeable. Book your appointment now!
Thriveworks Counseling Baltimore

Sandy has been very helpful

As first-generation immigrants we have a touch time raising kids in US. Being caught between two different cultures, our teenager daughter intuitively rejects parents' culture and is often unrespectful toward parents and her sibling. But we as parents have no relatives in US for counseling. Talking to Sandra has been very helpful as she instructed us how to communicate with our confused teenager, how to guide her through the difficult time. Thank you, Sandy!
Thriveworks Counseling Baltimore

Great Counselor

I highly recommend Sharlene, she is compassionate and thorough. I'm confident that you won't regret meeting with her.
Thriveworks Counseling Baltimore

Sharlene Sylvester- Amazing

Absolutely amazing and wonderful counseling services. Sharlene Sylvester provides the most professional and prompt counseling and services. The compassion and knowledge she brings to our discussions are one that excels me in my life and addresses my keypoints. I highly recommend and will certainly return.
Thriveworks Counseling Baltimore

Sharlene is the best

Sharlene Sylvester , has being providing us with great therapeutic service the Columbia area highly recommended
Thriveworks Counseling Baltimore

Sharlene Sylvester

Sharlene is an excellent therapist. She was able to listen to my concerns and help me find a clear path on how to overcome them. I would highly recommend her.
Thriveworks Counseling Baltimore

Happy client of Sharlene Sylvester

The time I spent under the wonderful care of Sharlene Sylvester was amazing and really helpful I definitely recommend her therapy.
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