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Anyone who’s had significant consequences as the result of their anger is likely looking for a cure. They want to stop feeling angry, they want to discover how they can leave calmly and in peace. While they may have tried a hundred things on their own, it’s often true that they can’t really get better until they seek out the help of a professional anger counselor.

Fortunately, Thriveworks Baltimore Counseling has anger management counselors on staff who can help you learn to control your anger, as soon as today! Just call our office to schedule your appointment. We look forward to helping you better understand, manage, and communicate your angry feelings.

How Can an Anger Management Counselor Help Me?

Here are a few things your anger management counselor at Thriveworks Baltimore Counseling might help you understand:

  1. Never feeling angry is an unreasonable expectation: Too often, people who feel angry often focus on trying to stop feeling angry at all costs. The truth about this method is that it’s unlikely to work for one simple reason: anger is an emotion that everyone feels. The goal shouldn’t necessarily be to never feel angry – it should be to find ways to respond better to that anger.
  2. There are likely underlying causes: In most cases, there will be underlying causes for responding poorly to anger. Some people feel angry at themselves for what they perceive as their own failures and this anger comes through in unfortunate ways. Others feel angry at people in their lives. Still others may have anger when certain memories come up. Of course, for many people, several or all of these situations bring up anger.
  3. There are better ways to deal with anger: Once a counselor helps an individual understand where their anger is stemming from, they can often help the client understand that there’s something going on under the surface. Often the real issue is actionable, which simply means there is a specific thing that can be done to change the situation.

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Having goals is great – but only if they’re reasonable goals. There are no goals that apply to everyone dealing with anger. Instead, it’s important for a counselor and their patient to work together to find the right, realistic goals. For example, one goal may be to recognize triggers and come up with a plan on how to deal with them while another goal may be to address past situations in which anger was not dealt with properly.

At Thriveworks Baltimore Counseling, every client gets a personalized approach that assures their unique needs are met. To begin working with your counselor, call our office to schedule your first appointment!

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