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Loneliness simply refers to the emotion of feeling alone – whether or not you are. In some cases it goes hand-in-hand with social isolation (being separated from loved ones) but it doesn’t necessarily have to. It can be a feeling that totally devastates a person and can lead to many medical issues including aches and pains, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Other symptoms include excessive sleeping or insomnia and changes in appetite. Thankfully there is help out there.

Start by accepting that you’re lonely – and that’s okay

Too often people feel guilty about their loneliness. This is often the case for people who are surrounded by people they love. They fell that they shouldn’t be lonely and that they’re being unreasonable for feeling that way.

The truth is that it’s okay to be lonely. The key is to accept it and allow yourself to feel it. This can be done by writing in a diary, writing a letter to a loved one, writing a song, talking to a counselor, or painting a picture. When these feelings have an outlet, you can begin to find out what other emotions are connected to it: sadness, anger, frustration, etc.

Remember that loneliness is passive

This means that it will likely continue until you do something about it. It’s not an emotion that you have to work to maintain. Some people have success shaking their loneliness by getting out and seeing friends and family, by calling people, by writing letters, or by simply reaching out with an email.

Find a way to be involved in your community

While reaching out to people that are already in their lives works for some people, others need to build new relationships. Thriveworks Athens Counseling & Coaching can both help you figure out which option is best for you and provide you with ideas on getting involved in your community. We provide a personalized coaching experience that gets you the treatment you need for you – not a cookie cutter treatment plan that doesn’t address your fears, concerns, and expectations.

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