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Divorce rates in Western cultures are nowadays very high and the United States are by no means an exception – between 40% and 50% of all American marriages end in divorce. Conflict-free relationships are a rarity and most people will experience troubles within their partnerships at some point in time. Whether spouses are hoping to prevent a divorce, part ways in an amicable way or simply work on improving their relationship – marriage therapy is often the right step forward.

Consider: You and your partner have been struggling to communicate recently. Maybe you’ve always had difficulty understanding each other’s emotions but it’s gotten worse these past few months. You argue about where to eat, what time to leave for work in the morning, and even who should feed your dog in the morning. 

This constant arguing has been driving a wedge between you two. Now you lack intimacy and connection and you just want things to get better. You both decide to talk to a marriage counselor about your struggles. In just a few short weeks, you see a great improvement in your communication skills. 

Maybe you and your partner need someone to delegate the arguments you’re having or perhaps there is some unresolved trauma you need to work through. A marriage therapist at Thriveworks Counseling in Athens, GA can be the answer you’ve been looking for. 

If you and your loved one want to improve your marriage, consider reaching out to our office. Our team of mental health professionals is readily available to offer you guidance and support. 

When Should You Seek Professional Help? 

A decision to go to marriage therapy is difficult and many married couples might be unsure when it is appropriate to seek professional support. Here are some good reasons to do so:

  • Your relationship is ridden by some serious problems and you and your partner have reached a stalemate. These might include betrayal, sexual incompatibility, dysfunctional communication, an inability to reconcile core values and life expectations (e.g. having children) or financial issues.
  • Something less dramatic is gradually damaging your relationship – for example, you have grown indifferent towards one another or you engage in constant petty arguments that regularly escalate into bigger disagreements.
  • You have come to realize that the enduring conflict within your marriage has started to seriously affect your and/or your partner’s happiness, as well as physical and mental health.
  • Many couples find that resolving their conflicts is easier under the guidance of a counselor who has no connection and no preconceived ideas about their relationship. Marriage therapy allows them to gain some perspective on their problem and become better communicators.

Marriage Therapy: What Is It, What Is It Not?

Marriage therapy is a form of psychotherapy designed to help married couples improve their communication, resolve their conflicts, and work towards a happier relationship. This type of therapy will not provide ready-made answers and solutions to marital problems – a counselor is an impartial intermediary who is not to simply tell the spouses what to do. The aim of marriage therapy is to allow partners to reach conclusions of their own.

A typical marriage therapy session will last between 45 and 90 minutes and both spouses will be invited to attend, although at times a counselor may choose to see each of the partners separately. Most therapists will focus on teaching their clients how to control their emotions, become better listeners, communicate with each other in a constructive manner, and avoid conflict escalation.

Marriage Therapy At Thriveworks Counseling in Athens, GA

Experienced marriage therapists at Thriveworks in Athens offer support to people at various stages of their marriage and facing very different problems. Thanks to our depth of experience, we understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to successful marriage therapy. We tailor our sessions to ensure that you and your partner’s individual needs and expectations are met in the best way possible.

Finding a solution to your marital problems is possible – Thriveworks in Athens is there to help. Give us a call today to arrange your first marriage therapy session. We look forward to working with you on this journey. 

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