Practicing Psychologists in Athens, GA

Practicing Psychologists in Athens, GA

Terry dreamed about moving to a new city his entire high school career. And he didn’t waste any time. A few short weeks after graduating, he made his move. Terry was excited to meet new people and explore his new surroundings. But this hasn’t exactly gone as planned. 

He’s struggling to meet new people outside of work, and he feels nervous about exploring on his own. This has led to his spending most of his free time in his quiet apartment. Terry quickly starts to feel depressed and wonders if he made the wrong decision.

Major life changes, such as Terry’s move, can be difficult to adjust to. When we are forced to step outside of our comfort zones, we can struggle with a range of emotions from sadness to stress, anxiety, and more. And when we fail to adjust well, we can even begin to experience symptoms of depression and anxiety. 

Fortunately, during times like these, working with a psychologist can help us. Psychologists are mental health professionals who are skilled and trained to assist their clients with a variety of life challenges, including major life changes and mental illness.

Thriveworks Counseling in Athens, GA is dedicated to helping you live the life you’ve always wanted. This might mean creating healthier habits, finding activities that bring you joy, or finding greater success and fulfillment in your career, hobbies, and relationships. In any case, the psychologists at Thriveworks in Athens can help you live the life you want for yourself. To book your session, just give us a call.

Why Should I Work with a Psychologist? How Can They Help Me?

Psychologists have a unique set of skills that they obtained during their extensive training and education requirements. They are able to specialize in many different areas, allowing them to help people of different backgrounds for all kinds of reasons. Once you start working with one of our psychologists, they will create a unique plan of action personalized to you based on your specific needs, experiences, and goals.

There are many different reasons why you may seek the help of a trained professional. Here is a list of a few reasons to seek help:

  1. Grieving the loss of a loved one: The grieving process can be hard. There’s no reason to feel like you have to do it alone. We’ll help you navigate your feelings and provide you with the compassionate care you are looking for.
  2. Managing mental illness: Dealing with depression and anxiety, amongst other mental illnesses, can be exhausting. Our trained psychologists have the tools needed to help you overcome the challenges you face.
  3. Working through relationship turmoil: Whether it be your family, friends, or significant other, it’s normal to have rough patches in your relationships. We can help you identify the root cause of your issues and provide you with tips on how to better communicate.
  4. Healing from a breakup: Breakups can be hard and even cause us to feel depressed and alone. It’s important that you properly heal from your breakup and a psychologist can help you do so.
  5. Learning to better manage stress: Stress can be caused by work, major life changes, and more. Whatever the situation may be, seeking professional help is a great step in the right direction.

These are just a few of the issues and concerns we can help you work through and overcome. The psychologists at Thriveworks Counseling in Athens will offer a safe space, free of judgment, to walk through these challenges and improve your overall wellbeing. If you are struggling in any way, reach out today to receive the guidance and support you deserve.

Schedule an Appointment at Thriveworks Counseling in Athens, GA

The Thriveworks team is dedicated to helping the people of Athens. We believe that anyone and everyone can benefit from starting a relationship with a skilled, caring counselor, therapist, psychologist, or life coach. And we will do everything we can to accomplish our mission which is to help others live happy, successful lives.

When you call to set up your appointment, one of our scheduling specialists will ask you a few general questions and then pair you with the provider who can best help you. Remember that Thriveworks offers premium counseling benefits including:

  • Same- and next-day appointments
  • Evening and weekend appointments
  • No waitlist 
  • Online counseling options including video sessions and telephone sessions 
  • Text support via our success navigator 
  • Individualized counseling

To set up your first session, call our office today. We’re here, and we’re ready to get started as soon as you are. We look forward to helping you thrive. 

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