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Before one can fully understand the reasons why infidelity happens, a comprehension of a couple’s specific situation has to be attained. Infidelity often has its roots in the wide range of personal problems and dilemmas of one partner in a relationship. The complex nature of infidelity pushes many couples to seek professional help in the form of counseling for infidelity.
Not surprisingly, the majority of Americans find the idea of extramarital affairs unacceptable in any circumstance. Despite this fact, 25% of all married individuals will commit an act of infidelity during their lifetime.

Risk factors which are commonly associated with infidelity include:

  • A lack of physical and emotional intimacy.
  • Feelings of powerlessness and a controlling nature in one’s partner.
  • A wish to end the relationship.
  • Existing relationship conflicts, previous history of infidelity.
  • Sex or romance addiction, disrupted sense of self-worth, overall feeling of stagnation and boredom.

The Challenges Of Infidelity

When an act of infidelity is discovered, the bond of trust that is essential to every relationship is very often destroyed. Once the truth has emerged, the betrayed partner will be subjected to a range of extremely painful feelings, such as disbelief, anger, jealousy and extreme anguish. These painful feelings can often lead to the development of a serious mental trauma. The impact of infidelity can lead to the deterioration of physical and mental health and the quality of life of both partners – family members such as children also suffer greatly.

Counseling For Infidelity – Can It Help?

The discovery of infidelity often triggers a range of complex and intense emotions that can overwhelm the couple’s ability to cope with the crisis alone. Unless the couple seeks professional help, deterioration of the relationship, despite repeated attempts to reconcile, is a common occurrence. Counseling for infidelity is a method that has been shown to help improve the ability to handle intense emotions, as well as establish the factors that could have led to adultery developing in the relationship.

At Thriveworks Athens we support many couples that have been subjected to the difficult experience that infidelity brings. Due to the extensive experience that our marriage counselors have, we understand how to tailor our counseling to best fit the needs of the client – our counseling for infidelity is designed to respond to the individual needs of every couple. Please, do not hesitate and speak to us today to schedule your first counseling session for infidelity.

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