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It’s common and understandable for a person with personality disorder to feel that there’s no one out there who can help them. The reality is that personality disorder counseling can be extremely helpful and can literally change a client’s life.

Types of assistance available for people with personality disorders

There are a number of options available to those living with personality disorders, most of which fall into two categories: talk therapies and medications. Only a medical professional can help you decide what the best path toward recovery is.

Understand that you’re not alone

These disorders can feel very isolating. They can make people feel like they’re alone. The truth is that almost 1/3rd of people who get help for mental health problems are eventually diagnosed with a personality disorder. The truth is that there are personality disorder counselors out there who want to help you.

Get your own personalized path toward recovery

No two clients are alike and no two treatment plans are identical. However, for most clients, the first priority is to get feelings under control. When a client feels out of control of their emotions they will have a difficult time moving forward in treatment – and in life in general. Medications and various therapies can help regulate emotions.

A counselor can help you find the truth

Most people with personality disorders deal with core beliefs. On the surface, they may seem harmless but these core beliefs are seemingly permanent, inflexible ideas a person holds about themselves and the world. The problem is that they’re not based on all the evidence. When a person has a core belief they can only see things that support it and are blind to anything that doesn’t.

Clients who work with Thriveworks Westminster Counseling and Coaching get a personalized plan to address their specific needs.

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