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How can you tell if you are an alcoholic? This is a hard question to answer, alcohol is the most commonly used addictive substance in the US and not everybody who drinks heavily is actually addicted. Alcoholics Anonymous suggest that ‘having a physical dependency on alcohol and a mental compulsion to consume it’ are the requirements for someone to be considered an addict. The compulsion is the key differentiator – a heavy drinker will make a choice to consume in excess, whereas an addict does not have such a luxury. Some common signs that could indicate an addiction include:

  • Severe withdrawal symptoms.
  • Requiring more and more alcohol for the same effect.
  • Drinking at inappropriate times – a beer behind the wheel?
  • Needing alcohol to feel ‘normal’ or ‘confident’.

The Causes Of Alcohol Addiction

The causes of alcohol addiction are varied and complex. Whilst it is commonly believed to be a purely genetic problem, passing from one generation to the next, this is not the case. Alcohol addiction develops over time and many different environmental and psychological factors influence its progression. A useful analogy would be to think of the genetic elements as the kindling of the fire and the environmental and psychological factors as the spark that starts the fire going.

Recovering From Addiction.

Recovering from an alcohol addiction is a long and hard road indeed. Even the long sober ex-alcoholics still refer to themselves as addicts. But despite this difficulty, many addicts manage to permanently stop consuming alcohol.

Medical supervision and counseling are recommended throughout the process of recovery. Here at Thriveworks Westminster Counseling, Addiction Counselors specialize in methods proven to help you throughout your rehabilitation. We tailor our methods to fit the individual client and hope to help put you on your path to recovery. Reach out to us now for a no-obligation introductory call.

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